January 24, 2016 ~ I Got A New Attitude !!!!

 I have two strains of cancer, the normal slow growing prostate cancer and a very aggressive strain that is in my bones.

This all from that damn Agent Orange they dispersed in Viet Nam.

We’ve tracked it to be going over 5 years now. Being a Retired Level 1 Trauma Center Emergency Room Mobile Intensive Care Registered Nurse I was all prepared to go the normal course of treatment recommended to me by my VA Doctors of Radiation and Chemotherapy. Which was the first thing they recommended when I was diagnosed. Had all the consultations, and a date for radiation treatment. I took my family to the consultation and my daughter Natalie was besides herself at what she heard even though most to the rest of the family, including me at first, wanted me to.

It was a very hard decision having a medical background to walk away from traditions and cancer protocols I myself have as an floating oncology nurse treated many people with.

At the time of this diagnosis, Natalie and her family were living in Iowa, and I in Tennessee. She implored me to come to her as she wanted to introduce me to a Holistic Protocol. Natalie started me on some concoctions only she know what it was, she packed dirt on my face, made me drink “Stuff” nasty stuff!

Through the next year or so she started sending Nutraceuticals to me and I started taking them and educating me.

Through a series of events, a very pregnant Natalie with her family of 4, moved into our home, now she had direct hands on me.

(Side note; within a couple months of her moving in, Joe, her husband, Jennie and I delivered her baby girl in our hot spa outside my bedroom balcony)

I have been diagnosed with Severe and Chronic PTSD, knowing I was a Combat Medic, Paramedic, then Registered Nurse, never needing to place myself in the hands of someone else I was always in charge of myself and all those who depended on me.

Putting my life in the hands of first, Jesus Christ, who I always have, being a PK (Preacher’s Kid), then that of my daughter THIS was foreign to me.

Through her intense and exhaustive research she put me on a very rigid protocol with very specific goals and objectives.

Objective One: Keep the Cancer out of my Organs
Objective Two: Built and strengthen my Immune System
Objective Three: Attack! stop it from spreading and kill the already established Cancer.

Even though I was not on any chemotherapy, the VA had me on many medications, “Chasing” symptoms.

They had me on a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) called Eligard, Bladder control meds, Detrol and several other supposedly supportive and palliative therapies, Morphine, OxyContin, I was a mess, getting up 7 to 8 times a night to urinate, sudden and urgent urination every 45 minutes to an hour during the day requiring me into wearing a “Man Pad” during the day for breakthroughs and leaks,

Hot flashes from Hell itself 24/7, soaked my bedding, and clothing, carried a hand and battery operated fan and did not care who saw me using them!

I had joined the sisterhood of menopausal women who experience these maddening symptoms, so in experiencing this “I got it!” ` Moods changes and flare ups, head lowering embarrassments, by them removing of Testosterone simply elevated the Estrogen level in my body causing, me to lose all my body hair, muscle tone, increased swingy mood changes, these are just some of the myriad of symptoms I was living through and it regrettably, chemically castrated me.

Nat kept digging, she chased my symptoms but, substituting nutraceuticals, for their pharmaceuticals; for example; when the found out the CA was in my bones they immediately put me on bone saving high doses of Calcium, Natalie says “Dad, they get that from limestone!”, with all their buffers, stabilizers, and other elements in order to deliver it in that huge pill. She put me on natural Calcium ~ at the next year’s Bone Scintigraphy it showed that the bone was actually growing new bone even though the VA Radiologist says in was insignificant.

The main natural “meds” I started taking was a very controversial treatment out there called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Cannabis Oil, the distilled portion of Marijuana plant.

Then September 21, 2105 I had my first heart attack, a lot of stress in my life.

They inserted a Stent in my left Circumvent Artery.

Whew! I prefaced all that to get to this point.

Natalie, in an effort to further treat and care for me, her father, followed the leading of God and enrolled in Cumberland Holistic Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, in order to treat me deeper and more effectively. I was seeing Natalie’s Doppelganger Dr. Jaime Galperin for Chiropractic work three times a week. Through those two we came up with a long term plan.

I was able to wean myself off ALL of The VA’s Genitourinary medications, was still on high blood pressure meds. No more morphine or oxy.

Never been under the treatment of a masseur before, uncomfortable with it at first she had to kinda talk me into it.

Her technique was outstanding, but what I wanted to really talk about is her latest extra curriculum training.

If you know Natalie and school, she has always been since a child and “Overachiever” by nature. Three Bachelor of Science Degrees in four years at a college that was ranked number 8 in Southern Colleges.

Well, I said that to say, on top of her regular studies she is taking extra certifications in advanced classes, Craniosacral Therapy and the latest

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, (LDT).

It’s the latter skill I wanna talk about.

I’ve become very much attuned to my body, every ache, pain, change or flutter. She came home from her first Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 3 weeks ago and did a simple little movement of opening up Lymph Nodes of the Neck, very innocuous movement, I walked away saying “yeah, that’ll work” tongue-in-cheek

Nat was telling me that this was a “Very Powerful” treatment modality and one must be careful in administrating it, “Okay, of you say so” there was no way that itty bitty “Pumping” of my neck was gonna be powerful ~

Lookin back, this ain’t so brief, pardon me! I’ve been told that I talk a lot,~ but I got a lot to say! 

Ya simply gotta go so your own research on LDT, it’s purpose, function and expected results.

Well, my body responded BIG time to this itty bitty pumping, for 2 or 3 days I sweated like I was having hot flashes again, (you know the skin is the largest organ in the body, don’t ya?), waste evacuations, clearing of my lungs.

She’s given me 2 subsequent LDT’s since then and for the last three weeks my body has been De-toxining big time, am now in the place where my body has responded wonderfully! And Amazingly! Pains that were muscles, tendons, ligaments and tension related ARE GONE!!!!!

ARE GONE!!!! I hope I am not being premature with making these claims, but as I said, I am very attuned to what’s happening in my body, and I know certain pains I have lived with for years, that I now come to believe were not cancer related had been treated through this getting rid of a lot of built up waste in my system.

I wanna tell ya a lil story I believe that The Lord wanna me to see and understand.

Last year I visited my Grandmother’s (Mama Becky) home for the first time in Jena, Louisana.

Mama Becky2

She has been gone home to Glory now for a couple decades. In meeting family I come to hear stories I never knew, Mama Becky was the communities Midwife, and Healer, being born and living in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, those rural, back woods communities of Blacks did not have access to medical care and treatment as we do today, so they lived off the land and God’s Grace

When I mentioned her name down there they knew her as “Mama Sweet”

I was told she used what we now call “Holistic Care” she used plants and natural remedies to care for folks.

I came to believe and understand that God has blessed this child of mine with the spirit and soul of Mama Sweet.

All my laboratory results show me to be healthier than before I contracted this cancer, I live a normal life now, I do not get up at night to pee, AT ALL! ~ I pee normally throughout the day, no man pads, no fans, hair and muscle tone returning through exercise, I got my Mojo back! normal sexual activity, my doctors are becoming interested in what I am doing, and I was told that there were doctors I did not even know that were monitoring my charts and results to follow my journey.

The only thing that is recognizable as me having cancer is that because of the placement of a couple metastases on T-10 and T-11 which innovate the gut and all associated systems down there, I simply have lost my appetite to eat, so I have lost about 90 pounds.

In closing, this is worthy to be looked into folks ~ I look forward to a time when I can visit her school and personally HUG and KISS the cheeks of every one of those instructors for their unknowingly participation into my well-being.

I wrote all of this because I am a believer, and this is something folks I would strongly recommend to everyone no matter what is going on with them to investigate, and employ in their treatment protocol.

Suit White Glasses

Okay, I’m done,

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  1. Marilyn Herb says:

    Praying for you every night. Seems like God is answering them through Natalie. You are an inspiration! Hang tough.

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