February 19, 2015 ~ Urology Update

Had my 6 month check up with my original Urologist Derrick Mobley

IMG_0845 - Copy

It has been 1 month since visiting my Cardiologist Kristen Ancell MD in January and we did my PSA which I spoke of doubled from 58ng/ml to 122ng/ml.

This Doubling Principal is based on how fast the cancer is spreading or multiplying in one spot. So it’s kinda important as we discussed I would have to consider very hard about goin back on the Hormone Replacement therapy of Eligard. if it doubled one more time, she actually had made an appointment for me that day to received the shot but I said I wanna try one more thing from the natural side to try to decreased my PSA.

Researching I came up with a couple products;

Ultra Natural Prostate * Comprehensive Support for Aging Prostate Glands*

and Pomi~T

From ~ LifeExtension

So after being on this for only 3 weeks, my PSA was 142ng/ml

Hoping it slows it down by April when I she her again.

Natalie has been increasing in knowledge and skills with her Massage School, she told me yesterday that she wanted to take an advance extension course ONLY offered to graduates on Injury Massage that is only offered twice a year and was already full.

But the recommendations of 3 of her teachers got her in.

I improve and get stronger with every treatment she gives me.

This Lymphatic Drainage Therapy was a game changer for me, cleared my body of toxins just floatin around taking up space and causing delay in healing.

This is no accident in what God is doin with us, we get God~Bumps when we talk about how things are happening with us.

I hope this helps someone in their journey

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