March 5, 2106 ~ Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

I need to update you on a new Therapy and Treatment Modality that we’ve just come across.

Now it’s been “heard” of and talked about for 30 or so years, but the western arrival of the knowledge has been slowly arriving within the last 10 or so years.

Let me start out like this ~~~

Do you think when God designed our bodies, He was complete? I mean did He leave out something that should of been there we later come to find out?

So then He put in us EVERYTHING  we needed to not only survive but procreate and evolve right?

Here’s my point, Science and Doctors, Practitioners have failed to pay attention to God’s Garbage Disposal system within our bodies. 


This Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy has not been widely known as viable or important

Let me ask you this question,

What do you call the highest scoring student in a medical doctors college class?

Magnum Cum Laude, Right?

So out of a class of 75, what do you call The student with the lowest passing grade?

I’ll tell you,


That’s right, doctors don’t know everything.

Look at these pictures, God made us with a complete lymphatic system primarily use to eliminate waste, and toxins from our bodies.

It’s our Sewer System.!!



Who remembers the Great Garbage Strike in 1968 in NYC?

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

This is what our bodies look like inside without a properly functioning Sanitation Department

No civilization is ever started without establishing a Sanitation System!!

That is a MAJOR purpose of out Lymphatic System

Even though it is a very POWERFUL System it is also very delicate, fragile, easy to crush, the whole of the network lies just under our skin, it has no heart, no pump, its method of flow is by muscle contractions, movement, gravity, and manual expression.

Doctors forever have been going in performing surgeries and procedures absolutely destroying this network of disposal, giving no regard to its importance to our complete wellness.

I posted something a few days ago and some Friends reminded me of what God has done with me in my life

And giving me this cancer, and Him knowing me, He wanted me to talk about it, teach About it, raise the consciousness of people about it ~

Sometimes I feel like it’s a fire shut up in my bones (The awakening and knowledge)  and I got to talk about it!

God doesn’t want you and your love ones to suffer like we do with this cancer, but we’ve turned away from so many gifts that he has given us to fight and beat this disease, yet we still allow man to have precedence over God’s Will

We still Let man dictate and dominate our lives with poisons, lies, moneymaking schemes at the costs of people dying

I hear him saying;

“I made these bodies, I designed them PERFECTLY!!, to work and perform for my glory, but you’ve given your trust over to man, I have forgotten about me”,

well, I guess we get what you pay for. ~~~~

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
 2 Chron 7:14

I gotta believe Healing our Bodies isn’t part of that deal

Learn all you can about our bodies Lymphatic Drainage System and see if I’m jest bayin at da moon!



See that BIG Cistern in the upper abdomen just below the Diaphragm, all highlighted there?

Empties out the whole of the lower body!

How many different kinds of surgeries have totally wiped out this system?

Not sayin the surgeries are not necessary, rather speak to the URGENT NEED for updated current knowledge of the importance and sensitivity of The Lymphatic System would greatly improve healthcare and patient well-being.

We made a short How To Video for a friend, shared with another, then another, so gonna post it here, doin this lil movement will get things moving, to gauge your body’s response, look for these things in the following days you start this procedure

  • Increased/Stronger body odor
  • Increased bad breath
  • Increased throat clearing
  • New taste(s) in your mouth
  • Increased sweating
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Foul smelling bowel movements
  • Increase/smelly flatulence (Gas)
  • Increased urine output
  • Change in color of urine
  • Tattoos began to fade
  • Metal taste from piercings

The varying degrees depends on the person, for me the results were dramatic and fruitful.

This means your body is detoxing itself, getting rid of waste and toxins that have otherwise just been floating around looking for a way out

Check it out:

There should not be a woman out here that is not doing this. Especially if you use underarm deodorant (Metallic Aluminum blocks pores)

Clogged lymph portals, backs it (waste) into the breast, settles into Breast Cancer AND Axial Lymph Nodes Cancer ~~~~ TA DA!!!!



But this is about gettin rid of waste From our bodies naturally AS GOD DESIGNED AND INTENDED!!!!


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