March 8, 2016 ~ Shocking Connection: 97% of all Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure…

I love the way I feel God leads me to discoveries that blow me away, I say to myself “Now, why didn’t this come up 3 years ago? or why not 8 years from now? Why right at this moment when the events are upon me did this just pop up?”

Natalie has been tellin me for the longest time “Dad, good health in the body starts in the mouth.” She’s been gettin me stuff for my mouth for a while.

I grew up in an era when fluoride was introduced publicly and was being taught to us elementary school kids, where they told us to brush our teeth twice a day.

Was was outta school and not trained in evolution of dental flossing. I went through life sometimes just doing what I had always did.

Well age catches up with you and I happen to have a mouth that reflects poor hygienic care. So my dentist at The VA for many years has been trying to get me to pull some bad teeth, I said “Naw, I’ll hold on to em as long as I can”

Well, some of them have got to come out, 3, I did not go for as many as she wanted to come out, half my mouth! So I was scheduled for a pre-surgery consultĀ  yesterday with the oral surgeon that would be pulling my teeth.

So I’m sittin in the waiting room of the oral surgeon and I came across this article on FaceBook

Shocking Connection: 97% of all Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure…

root canal

Now this started an uproar on Facebook as some “Debbie Downers” jumped out there with their refute of this claims this was not true.

But pay attention to what the claim is:

97% of Terminally illness Cancer patients had the procedure of Root Canal done…NOT that Root Canals caused Cancer!

I don’t trust most reports when it bucks against common sense

Even from

Think bout it

I got some of these root canal’s decades ago

I’ve gotten old gums have shrunken, leaving gaps and holes, what do you think now fills those gaps and holes?

And whatever is in those gaps and holes rot, grows bacteria, and if that doesn’t interfere with my body and its ability to fight cancer, or any other Dis-ease in my body ~~~~~ I don’t know what else does…..

So following what I feel is the leading of God, I’m gonna let em take out what I need to clean up my mouth

So, tomorrow they are gonna put me under general anesthesia and take out a whole slew of root canal molars

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