April 1, 2014 ~ Chiropractor & Supplement Update

It’s been 3 weeks since Jennie and I have been gettin cracked three times a week.

I must say, with that and Natalie’s health supplement regime, the projected side effect from the HRT of fatigue, muscle pain, and weakness has not appeared, matter of fact just the opposite. As we get some intermittent warm days I have been outside, digging ditches, cutting down trees and much needed all-around repair from the harsh winter is actually fun! I don’t hurt, getting up and down, moving around and doing stuff!

Thank you Jesus!

Jennie has also benefited from it greatly, 31 years of hearing certain complaints of her body’s aches and pains from a life of horses and bearing children.

That has greatly pleased me to see her bouncing around doing what she does.

As I have stated the only pronounced side effect has been those damn HOT FLASHES!!!

Man!, those are really another thang!


Day and Night! No warning! Your body just is like:


Flame On

From the inside ~ out!

I am, never-the less a blessed man and I am not complaining, just sharing.

I am so thankful for all the support and sentiments, does a old dude like me good!

One thought on “April 1, 2014 ~ Chiropractor & Supplement Update

  1. Ron Zimlich says:

    Thank you for the hope. Have just been confirmed with Prostate cancer as the result of a biopsy. I go talk to the doc tomorrow. I too am a viet vet 1968 1969. The information here is very informative and gives me hope.

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