August 1, 2014 ~ Jerry’s Actin Up A Fool!

Had an MRI of my Pelvis and spine last week.

Sadly Jerry has spread

VA Radiology Reports
Source: VA
Last Updated: 31 Jul 2014 @ 0811
Procedure/Test Name: MRI PELVIS W/CONT
Date/Time Exam Performed: 25 Jul 2014 @ 0942
Requesting Provider: AUSTIN,LORI LYNN
Reason for Study: pelvis pain
Clinical History:
pelvic pain
Radiologist: MORAN,HENRY H
HISTORY:Abnormal bone scan. History of prostate cancer
COMPARISON: Bone scan 7/17/2014.
TECHNIQUE: Axial, sagittal, and coronal scans through the pelvis
using a combination of T1, PD and T2-weighted sequences with and
without fat saturation as well as postcontrast images in the
axial and coronal after the administration of 20 cc of Magnevist
were obtained.
FINDINGS: This examination is limited due to motion especially in
the axial and sagittal pulse sequences. Despite the limitation of
this exam, there are multiple low T1 high T2 and mild enhancing
lesions involving the visualized lower lumbar spine (L5,L3 and
L2), pelvic bones including bilateral lesions in the iliac side
of the sacroiliac joints, right ischium, right acetabulum, right
iliac crest, and questionable in the left femoral head.
Visualized prostate gland is borderline in size with heterogenous
signal intensity. No evidence of a soft tissue masses.
1. Multiple bony lesions involving the lower lumbar spine and
pelvis as described above. These are consistent with metastatic
disease in view of the history of prostate cancer and abnormality
on prior bone scan.
What this is saying is that the cancer has metastasized from my
RibCageAnterior Left 7th Rib and
Spread to my right hip and spine as shown below

Rt Acetabulum (Ball and socket Joint   Rt Acetablum
Rt Sacral Joint Rt Sacral Joint
 Rt Iliac Wing Rt Iliac Wing
 lumbar_anatomy01a_bklt L2, L3, & L5 of my Lower Spine

They are saying that the Eligard they’ve had me on for the last 9 months is not working and the cancer is spreading ~~~ I go in on August 20th and hear their next plan which could include them wanting to start Chemo and Radiation (DO NOT WANT TO GO THIS COURSE AT ALL) ~~ I am told they have other drugs they could use ~~~ but these are not to cure this sucka Jerry, (What I call my cancer, Jerry)  just stop it from growing “Hopefully”
So I am putting my money on Hemp Oil (Of course my faith in God, goes without saying)
Here are a couple stories of Hemp Oil and its effectiveness !~~~~ I have one rather two things good going is that I have not had Chemo or Radiation which is hard to overcome even with the Oil because they both destroy so many other good healthy cells….
The first link is all about The Rick Simpson Oil, watch video at bottom of page
Rick simpson
This one is about Prostate Cancer specifically
Abraham Lincoln
This article not related to Prostate Cancer came out today as a testimonial of Hemp Oil

My quality of Life is awesomely well! I work everyday, mowing a few acres of grass, repairing equipment and clearing pastures and more ~~~not experiencing bad pain, I get twinges in my hip, but nothing that makes me stop working. My attitude and spirits are high.

Its been 9 months since they found this and looking at me one would not know I have Stage 4 CA.

I will be starting on some Laetrile come Tuesday 
and liposomal Vitamin C ~~~

Traditional medicine I believe is not really looking to cure cancers UNLESS THEY make the cure ~~~ so they put us on these meds that cost like $8,000.00 a month and can only give you a range of 4 to 12 months of effectiveness of “Maintenance” ~~~ then it goes to “Making one comfortable” (high doses of narcotics) until they die.

All these states trying to legalize medical weed have come to the conclusion through

#1 people’s majority voting to make it available and
#2 the results showing people being CURED, not just maintained really chaps the hides of big pharmaceutical companies.

I ain’t gonna argue with em, or wait on them ~~~I’m gonna do what’s best for me…it has been proven for decades the effectiveness of medical marijuana let me give you an example.

A friend  put a dab of it on one of my wife’s melanoma skin cancers, it was ugly, scaly and bleeding  ~~~ ←

             covered it with a bandage, and 2 days later she lost the bandage, ~~~ we left it alone…in 4 days it was gone!, pink smooth skin had replaced it, so we started treating all her

eruptions ~~~THEY ARE ALL GONE! ~~the 2 pixs below shows first the eruption, then with the oil applied ~

  Jen's Melanoma3      Jen's Melanoma4

Jen's Melanoma5

  followed by what it looked like 4 days later, ya have to look closely for the little white spot in the middle.

In the past she has had several surgeries  where they cut into it and took some good skin around it and came back and said “We got it all”…but they would return, she’s had them frozen, ~~ they ALL came back…and she has all these scars from the surgeries ~~~~

What I am tellin y’all is this is what I am doin for myself ~~~ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, some may feel to stay with what they are tellin ya..

But in my mind…The Federal Government gave me this cancer through their use of Agent Orange, I’m sure they meant well, and just possibly it may have saved my life by having some areas cleared ~~~


Now they are tellin me that I cannot use what they’ve deemed as illegal to cure myself…that just not set well with me…Am I a criminal? ~~~ I don’t see it that way ~~~ there is no high in the oil, meaning, the active ingredient THC in marijuana has been distilled out of the oil, it’s been broken down to just the CBD which is the healing properties.

 I’m gonna do a little more research and think it over ~ 

Well, that’s my story for now and its what I pray God will use to remove this disease from my body.

Tommy Chong



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  1. Dianne Little says:

    Drat and double drat. Hugs to all

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