August 20, 2014 ~ 9 Months Check-Up

August 20, 2014 marked my 9 months check up from my first knowledge and treatment for this Prostate Cancer., Jerry!

Jennie and I made the trip to Nashville, they pulled blood and we waited for our appt with Dr. Deraleth, my Oncologist. We were not expecting a great report because we know from the recent MRI that the cancer has spread to my right hip and spine area.

She confirmed what we knew and the PSA came back at 8.08mg/ml a rise from 4.55mg/ml 3 months ago.

So she said that part of the cancer is acting atypical from usual prostate cancer and its being fueled by something else other than testosterone. Her big concern was that some of the cancer is in the ball and socket joint of my right hip and being a weight bearing joint she said I was very susceptible to spontaneous fractures.

Her recommendation is focal Radiation treatments followed by systemic Chemotherapy.

She set up a fee-based out of the VA System Radiation consult.

I’ve been doing some research on radiation treatments and the damage it causes to not only bad cells, but good cells, and the area left becomes weak and susceptible for easy re-occurrence.

After seeing her I return to the Genitourinary Clinic and a young promising Resident Niels Johnson MD, I like this young man, I think time will see this young man being a very caring and competent Medical Doctor, he was forthright, open, and candid. We discussed the GU component of my treatment plan, which is to yield to Oncology right now.

So they gave me a 6 month dosage of Eligard, to keep the portion that is responding to it at bay.

The next day Jennie and I traveled to Murfreesboro’s VA to consult with my Oncologist Derrick Mobley MD. He reviewed my records and was on the same page as Nashville, ~~` Radiation followed by Chemotherapy.

I now wait for the Radiation consult to hear what he has to say.

One thought on “August 20, 2014 ~ 9 Months Check-Up

  1. Jennifer says:

    Nate, I am so sorry. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you!

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