October 28, 2017 ~ “The Fool said in his heart, “There is no God”


Since last posting, I wanna share with ya exactly what God has done for me.

Earlier in the month I woke up, went into bathroom, turn on light, and see this:


It didn’t hurt, I didn’t even know it was there, so I figured living out here in the country that some bug crawled in bed and bit me, it’s happened before so I was not surprised. 

I posted it on Facebook and someone asked me if I was on the drug Lisinopril? (Blood Pressure drug) I said “yeah, matter of fact, for bout a week”

She said it was a drug reaction RUN! to the ER!

Well I had a Oncologist appt the next day,  I’ll go in then.

My Oncologist was freaked out, sent me to ER they jumped all over me, did some test, hung a drip of Solumedrol and some Benadryl IVP. 

They watched me for a few hours then let me go home.

I missed going to the jail that evening, the first time, I felt bad.

But the fellas understood when they saw the pictures. 

The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way through our Pastor Bobby Davis and church towards Clay County Jail.

A week after the baptismal I sent this picture to the pastors at the church sharing with them how we conduct services every Tuesday night.

The fellas sit on the hard concrete floor while leaning against the steel walls. I sit in a chair in the door way and Gunny LT Lisi stands behind me in the other room as they watch Pastor Bobby’s sermons in a flat screen TV donated by the church we roll in for services.

Within a few days I get told that  they (The pastors) wanted to come back and visit the jail, this is what happened.

Can I get y’all out there that follow me to join me in saying



So about a week later I ran into Pastor Jason Baugh at a function, he said he was preparing a sermon and wanted to mention a couple member in the church, could he mention me?

“Sure, if it’s for God’s tool!”

So the next Saturday I get a text in the afternoon asking if I could be in the audience for that evenings service. “Sure, ah, whats going on?”

No response ~ well after that evening’s sermon they asked me to come to the next 2 services on Sunday. Here’s why:

Even if I were NOT in this message,  it would have STILL impacted my life.

What a Powerful tool!


Now I had a Nuclear Whole Body Scan appointment Tuesday at the VA scheduled. My PSA had risen from 16ng/ml to 23ng/ml in a month’s time, this signaled to us that the Cancer was on the move being more aggressive,  so let’s get a bone scan and see how much.

This what happened:

I was not expecting to hear THIS!

Performing Location: VA Tennessee Valley Hlthcare S 1310 24TH AVE SOUTH, NASHVILLE 37212


HISTORY: prostate cancer.

TECHNIQUE: Following the IV administration of 24.2 mCi of
Tc-99m-MDP, delayed anterior and posterior whole body images were

COMPARISON: Bone scan 3/30/17 and 7/17/14; CT chest abdomen and
and pelvis 4/20/16

FINDINGS: There is physiologic distribution of the
radiopharmaceutical throughout the skeleton. Again noted are
multifocal osseous metastasis involving the calvarium, bilateral
ribs, thoracolumbar spine, bilateral pelvis, bilateral proximal
femurs, bilateral clavicles, and left glenoid. The intensity of
uptake within the lesions has decreased compared to the prior
examination. No new lesions are seen. There are photopenic areas
within the lower thoracic spine and pelvis from prior radiation

Both kidneys and the bladder appear normal.

But I was not at all surprised by it.

Layman’s talk ~ No new tumors, no increase in size of existing tumors, and it appears some of the tumors were even fading in activity.

For it is written:

“Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay” Jeremiah 20:9

The man is saying “even if I stop verbally talking about Him, He knew inside of himself that His word was burning inside his heart that is shut all up inside his bones!”

That’s what I am saying! His Words are shut up inside my bones right along side the Cancer and has said to the Cancer “Peace Be Still”

My Radiologist, Dr. Bradshaw 

So off camera Dr Bradshaw asked me ” Have you changed your treatment?”

I said “No!, I’ve changed my perspectives”

I am experiencing no pain whatsoever,  Praise God, I am mobile without difficulty. I experience hot flashes throughout the day but nothing like I used to, these are more like short little “warm ups” ~ Quality of Life is at the top of the scale.

Last week I hauled my bike over to Natalie’s to give my grands a ride on “Papo’s Chopper”

I Have a lot to be thankful for, I am communicating with classmates of my 1968 graduating high school class of a 50 year reunion next year.

My goodness of life! 3 of them have passed away in the last month!

Feeling really excited to see some the kids I started public life with as far back as kindergarten 62 years ago ~ as I am getting older and closer to my life’s ending for me ~ I’d call in Full Circle, such a blessing that would be for me.

Gettin some of “Energizing” lovin from Faith and Naomi.

Attending Olivia’s kindergarten Fall Party. 

So where we are with the cancer is to continue the current treatment of Lupron 7.5mg SQ every month and the Bicalutamide (Casodex) 50mg PO QD, see what the labs tell us and how I feel. 

He’s done so much for me, I cannot tell it all!!