December 22, 2015 ~ A Child is Born

At this time I have three daughters, all married, and all pregnant! Natalie, Rebekah, and Ronance.

Parents; When you raise your children to be forward thinking, to be self-confident and to believe in themselves, those all sound great, but a time comes when they just may turn that philosophy right back on ya and expect that you will be their number one Fan in what they wanna do.

Natalie has decided like her mother, she wants to have a home birth. Yes, our last two children were born at home with a midwife.

That is okay with me, BUT!, she moved in with Jennie and I within the last 2 months, and she was having a hard time to find a mid wife that would do a home delivery.

In the fashion of Rebekah’s last birth with Olivia, she decides to have a water birth.

Now, I’m tying this back to my first statement about kids turning all that positive living around on you!

So we went ahead and got things ready for this upcoming birth.


Joe and I were at Wal Mart, text came in “PEACHES!” their code words for “it’s time” ~  came at 9 p, then a few minutes later ~ water had broke.


We got home bout 9:45p drove in kids come running out scream”mom is in the spa havin the baby!”

I’m thinkin, no problem, it’ll be a few hours of labor, so I’ll just go in and get settled”

Jennie hollars “The baby is crowning!”

We scramble to the upstairs balcony and Jennie is tending Nat

Nat screams! ~ “MOMMMMMM!”   ~~~ Jen jumps in the spa.

I believe if this birth were happening during the summer months when our neighbors would be out and about at 9:30pm, I know the Sheriff’s would have been knocking on our door wanting to talk to MOMMMMMMMMM!


Things are moving fast. Joe was a real handy partner running and gettin stuff watchin the kids and supporting Nat.

Then it started to rain!

Joe grabbed a coat a held it over Nat and Jen , I said grab the spa cover, when we went to pick it up, one of the cover buckles was still hooked to the spa and it fell on top of Natalie’s head, she said “Don’t hit me in the head!” I looked at Joe, with the “Make no mistakes” look in my eyes that said “Oooooh, you in trouble now man, you better watch your step, these are very dangerous grounds, bad things happen to men at this time” 🙂

But, lucky for him they both of them said the rain felt kinda good to them being in the spa.

Joe and I aren’t in the spa! Joe’s shirt was soaked, with the cold rain, but I don’t think he noticed

She was on her knees and when the time came, Joe and Jen rolled her on her back so when the baby came out the cord would not be under Nat and we can put the baby on her right away so that’s why Jen flipped her and they each took a leg under her knee and supported her back and supported her legs.

That’s what I did not wanna see, I wanted Jennie to deliver it where they were and I was ready to receive the baby afterwards, but when they did that, there was no choice,

I Got in the catchers spot. Baby was crowned


Baby’s head and face squrited out and stopped! I had her little face in my hands under the water, I’m thinking “Please baby don’t take a breath!”

She was just hangin there!


Natalie Yells! PULL!!!!!

Inserted finger under armpit, held the head/face, supported by fingers
around her neck and head then Slightly pulled

And we got a baby Dolphin GIRL


1 hour from water busting to birth
Her eyes were open, she was tightly holding her breath, I suctioned her mouth and nose, Nothing! No Meconium, no water!!

Thank you Jesus!

They started messin with her and she started crying! Thank you Jesus AGAIN!


IMG_2469 you can see her lil hands clasped and she is crying.

The rain stopped and they hung out in the spa for a while waiting for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating, then Jen clamped the baby and handed scissors to Joe and Joe cut the baby’s umbilical cord, then I took her inside and dried her off and stuff.

IMG_2470 Baby’s first picture, a “twofie” with Papo!

They got Nat up and into the bedroom to deliver the placenta, lots of natural herbal teas, washes, tinctures

 Jamie Galperin DC

Got here to adjust mama and baby, she did and really helped Nat as she had gotten a terrible neck ache before all this, (probably tension) and after she adjusted the baby she settled down and was cooing, she’ll return today to adjust them both again.

Jennie and I were so amped we could not go to sleep and just laid there 3 am and relived everything

What a day!

So very glad the other two girls are birthing in birthing centers!


8lbs even, and 20 inches long

Thank you Jesus!

One thought on “December 22, 2015 ~ A Child is Born

  1. Linda and Ron says:

    Ron and I just got a chance to look at your blog! What a wonderful story and what a beautiful Josephine. We want to see her once she is older and stronger. We are in Nashville–Had to take Ron’s Mom to one doctor today and another wound specialist in the morning. It wears us out, but you have to do what you have to do. His Mother couldn’t have better care or children who love her more that’s for sure. Hope all is well around the Jackson household. Come on–you did a good job delivering Josephine so maybe the other two girls will expect the same! We are so thankful that things moved so fast for Natalie. Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your newest little princess. Linda and Ron

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