December 27, 2016 ~ Now Why Don’t He Write!?!

I bet someone is sayin “Now why don’t he write!?!”

It’s been several ,months since I’ve updated my blog, first thought must be he is not doin so well.

Well, Glory to God! I am doing wonderfully! I’ve had a CAT Scan and MRI which has shown a new growth on my hip, but the other tumors seems to be stable where they are.

I kinda go into hibernation during the winter months cuz I don’t like the cold.

I continue with my nutraceuticals, and my 3 VA Meds for High Blood Pressure and Protection for my heart.

I have been pain free for a few months due to attention to what we believe was causing it, Constipation!

I had severe, crippling pain in my left flank area that radiated down my left thigh to the knee, could find no relief through positional changes, muscle relaxers, or pain meds. Hurt so long and bad they wanted to see if the cancer was now to the point of becoming a real problem. Ergo the scans.

By accident I started to relate pain relief with good bowel movements,  and increased pain with non-consistent/regular BM’s.

I started taking “Konsyl” (Power form from Wal Mart) then got it in pill form                            

                          ~ WORLD OF DIFFERENCE CHANGE!!!~

I still take the once a month Hormone Reduction Therapy 7.5 mg Eligard shot, my PSA fluctuates because I get it drawn once a month, it has gone from 23ng/ml up to 58ng/ml now holding at 36ng/ml, my long time Oncologist

Kristen Ancell MD

Says she’s not concerned about this as it is not going back to the 200’s it has been as it’s highest.

So our treatment plan from the VA’s plan is to “Watch and See”, treat symptoms as they come up and hope for the best.

On my own I still go to the gym twice a weeks, my chiropractic rounds are about twice a month and continue with the RSO as I can get my hands on it.

I’ve been blessed with my ninth grandbaby 4 months ago 

Naomi Rae Bonnick

Was able to finally get a couple rides in on my Bike before the weather set in

Yes! God has looked down on me and smiled, it’s been going on 5 years now, and I won’t complain!

 YES! My God who is able to do all things has chosen to smile down upon me.

I go to our County Jail once a week with my Church’s Jail Ministry Team.

I enjoy witnessing my testimony to these fellas and have watched dozens accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I just wanna do His Will for as long as He would use me!

All Gory be given to God!!!

3 thoughts on “December 27, 2016 ~ Now Why Don’t He Write!?!

  1. Valencia Parker says:

    Mr. Nathaniel!! To God be the glory!!
    It’s me Valencia (met you and your lovely wife at the VA back in 2013).
    I was going through my old notes and ran across your blog website.
    You are truly BLESSED and I’m so happy for God’s favor on you during this journey. May you continue to find strength and comfort. Love you guys!! ☺

  2. barbara daicoff says:

    Thank you for the update! Fabulous and so grateful you are doing well. God is so good and you he loves you so much. So many people have missed out on the person you really are because they don’t take the time or listen. I am blessed to know you.


  3. Denise says:

    Great news my friend!

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