December 5-6, 2013 (The Waiting Game ~~ Again)

Jennie and I traveled to Lewisburg, TN for the annual Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitions Association International Board of Director’s Meeting ~~~ This is when I felt the game come to an end of my 30 years of fighting against the abuse of the Tennessee Walking Horse. ~~~ standing at the podium making a report on a Benevolence Program I started “Micahcare” ~~~~ I felt a “Release from God” ~~~time for me to exit~~~ Let others carry the fight to the end ~~~ I Exposed the dirt, of the underworld and back barns and many have gotten busted in broad daylight, and shamed them to the distaste of thousands, gave courage to others that they did not need to be afraid of them and their threats, and they could speak up without reprisals, this was a different day and the terror they employed all these decades were now nothing more than “Shadows on the Wall.”

They threatened me and my family with the KKK, The FBI had to step in and put that to rest ~~~ actually puttin a foot on those devil necks and if I could move to Middle Tennessee and nothing happened to me, even through some isolated incidences of mean-spirited people directed at my family when I was not around ~~~ they knew better than to attack them when I was around them! ~~~ Shoot, anybody could now stand against them !

We proved they were nothing more than “Paper Tigers!” To the point of going back in that WGC in 2007 & 2012!

Hoping others will step up to the plate, keep the pressure on em  and confront these people as I have, and not letting them intimidate or bully them around.

My next date is January 8, 2014, when I report to Nashville and the Medical Oncologist and see what other options are available or recommended.

It will be some time in February that I return to clinic to see what my PSA is and if it has responded to the HRT.

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