December 7, 2014 ~ A Bit Of A Scare

For the last week or so I have been “Off My Feed” in horse language, upset stomach, throwing up.

No one else in the house experiencing stomach problems started concerning me when I remember asking my oncologist what would be the next expected direction of travel if Jerry moved from the bones? She said “The liver, lungs and abdomen organs.

My next appointment is in mid January 2015, I couldn’t wait, so I drove myself to the Nashville VA Emergency Room on Sunday evening December 7, 2014.

The young doctor James Davenport was a neat young man, he understood my concern, ordered some labs and a CT Scan of my abdomen and pelvic area.

The labs came back perfect, everything within normal limits my;

PSA has dropped to 0.018ng/ml from 1.25ng/ml back in October.

The CT Scan was send via email and read by an Radiologist out I Riverside, CA.

His initial report was disturbing to me in that it was brief,  meaning he did what was asked to address my abdomen issues I presented with this evening, so his evaluation of the progression of my hip cancers were not priority for deep analyses.

But for the evening, no masses, hot spots, obstructions of physical abnormalities that could be seen, diagnoses, was that my meds were upsetting my stomach.

I picked up the phone the next day and called him for a more detailed consultation. He returned my call and we had a great time, first talking over old times, in that I graduated from Riverside City College, met my wife and married there in Riverside and was working at the hospital in the ER, Riverside General Hospital when he was a Med Student there at the same time.

We went over the films and found that the CT Scan he was comparing to was the very first one done over a year ago, I’ve had 1 more since then in July and 2 MRIs, so his report was incomplete to us as far as relevant comparisons..

His report did not mention some areas that we know were there, and when asked he said “Yeah, tiny, faint” were the terms he used. So there needs to be another evaluation which compares the most recent films of which he said I could send to him and he would review.

We also just found out that the medicine I was using is half the strength of others, so we are investigating this.

Well, its been one year, Jennie and I celebrated our 31 year anniversary here in the parlor with family

31 year anniversary

We’re all sitting around waiting for Natalie to go into labor when out of no where!

Jeremiah shows up from California¬† and surprises the whole family, he dropped into for our little ceremony and to see if he could help induce Nat’s baby, Jeremiah has been present for every baby born. Sadly, he had to return Sunday night, but how it warmed the ol’ man’s heart to have all my babies around me.

2014 Family

God is continuously blessing me and I am taking every bit if it in and thank Him for every bit of it.

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