February 22, 2014 ~ A little Help From My Friends

A couple weeks ago I made mentioned on my Prostate Cancer Blog;

That I was asymptomatic with my cancer, ceptin, the meds say I may experience “Hot Flashes”

Well, I said I did not have any of these, matter of fact I was cold all the time and wear a Sherpa hat and scarf all the time, even in the house.

Well, our long time family friend Dianne Little from Canada, sent me a “Tugue” and a BIG BIG BIG! warm scarf ~~~~

I do not do “Selfie’s: but I did these, the first is my old scarf and hat and then I got this new very colorful Tugue and scarf ~~~

Very colorful tugue, red, white, blue, yellow, green, could represent any country, ceptin no orange of the freaky deeky dutch! ~~~just making a joke my Dutch friends! LOL!

I LIKE MY NEW portable heaters!

Thank you so much Dianne!

Selfie1 Before     Selfie2 Now!

One thought on “February 22, 2014 ~ A little Help From My Friends

  1. Cowchick says:

    Like your new look!

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