March 8, 2014~The Future Course of Action

Had an appointment with Drs Castanello and Attending Derleth, they are my Medical Oncologist at Nashville VA.

We went over the lab results of the February 26th. They were pleased with the results and we spoke of the future plan. ~~~ continue the present course and re check in 3 months.

I am now looking into options out there that some claim to get rid of the cancer completely from one’s system. As it stand now, Jerry is asleep, but he’s still just sittin there, wanting to take off in my body~~` He don’t need to be hangin round. ~~~ HE GOT TO GO!

I asked about why my cancer grew so fast. the thoughts were that Prostate Cancer may give somewhat of false negative reports on the PSA Test, and bolstering the need to have that test in conjunction with the physical exam. I am posting the comments of someone that had an experience on that very subject.

From Deb & Rod;

“We are glad that there is improvement! Your blog is an inspiration. God does do wonderful works!

As a side note we wanted to share some of our experience with his prostate cancer. He was diagnosed because his doctor felt a change in his prostate. His PSA was less than 2 but the biopsy showed a Gleason Scale of 10 in all of the samples. His PSA never went over 2 but his cancer had spread before we found it. His doctor said that not all prostate cancers produce an elevated PSA. It is very important to have the exam too!

You remain in our prayers and we look forward to meeting you at the shows.”

Other people have expressed their journeys, and I am trying to get them to contribute ~~~ this right here was news to me! I’m sure there are more

The object here is to tell others what you know, through that, a life may be extended or saved ~~ this may sound like it is about me, but it about Me using myself to put in the storefront window and hopefully someone comes by and decides to check it out.

Thank everybody for your prayers, well wishes and concern ~~~ God gets all the Glory in all of this!

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