My Bio

  For those who do not know me let me tell ya a little bout myself. 

I am a 63-year-old Afro-American, Viet Nam Veteran of two tours as a US Army Combat Medic am now living in Tennessee for the last 11 years moving from California with my family.

Authors Note: As I started compiling my Bio, finding pictures, talking to people, for the first time I started to realize the significant historical impact of where I have been and what I had been put to do, I started to understand, ~~~~ You want to know what God is doing in your life today? Or what He has planned for you in the future? ~~~ Look back!~~~ Look back to when He was with you in your past, a pattern starts to emerge.

So my personal Bio highlights points in my life when He was in complete control and I simple said “Yes, Lord” to what He put my hands to do ~~~

opened up my eyes real wide!


Born fourth of nine children to my father a Holiness Pastor and my mother a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Mama_Daddysm Rev. George and Vera Jackson Church_1

In 1954 The Jackson family of 4 kids moved from the projects called Shalishan, in Tacoma, to the All White Eastside |Suburbs

We were the first Black family on the Eastside.

 In 1954 Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, made it illegal to have segregated public schools.

 The closest Elementary School was A.V. Fawcett, 3 blocks from our house, historically all white~~ but it was now 1955 and things were about to change for all of our lives.

 I was the first Black to attend kindergarten at Fawcett Elementary School in 1955 in Tacoma, WA, three months before Rosa Parks sat down on the bus in Montgomery, Alabama in December 1955.



Even though The State of Arkansas compiled and desegregated many institutions, in 1957 Governor Orval Faubus refused to honor President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Executive Order 10730 ordering complete desegregation of all public schools, and barred admission to 9 Afro-Americans at Central High School in Little Rock ~ this became known as the “Little Rock Crisis.”

Thank God actions like this did not need to happen in Tacoma, Washington.

 However, even in the progressive State of Washington, some  acceptance of integration was not far behind the attitudes of The South.

Grade school was difficult for me, I got gang-beat up on my first day of school, and throughout the 7 total years there I was a regular victim of racial hatred and ignorance (Lack of knowledge).

 I say victim because the philosophy of my parents was to;

“Not fight back,” “Take it and pray for them, pray that God would change their hearts, and by your good behavior, they may see the errors of their ways and change the way they treated me.”


Nate School Pix2sm Nate School Pix1sm

My mother told me a story I did not remember until I was an adult of that 1st year at that school, she said I came home one day and said “A big boy call me Nigga,” she said I said “My name is Jackson”

That was the first time I can remember hearing that name.

   You never have seen a harder praying 5-year-old than me.

My mother reminded me of an incident that happened that shows just how much all of this impacted me.

Back in the day they had a household product called “Chore Girl” it is a cleaning tool made out of copper strands woven together into a ball used to scrub pots and pans.

One night I took that chore girl and a cup of Pyrex Bleach  Mama used to whiten clothes in the wash and a can of “Comet” a cleaning powder used for pots and pans also.

I went into the bathroom filled the tub and got in dabbed some comet on the chore girl and started scrubbing my arm, it started to bleed so I dipped it in the bath water, of course it burned to the point of me crying, Mama came in saw what I was doing, she didn’t get mad nor did she really say anything, I believe she knew exactly what I was trying to do.

Make my skin white.

This was how much I wanted the attacks to stop and be accepted like the other kids. Umm, um, ummm!

A long awaited “Coming of Age” point was reached when I turned about 7-years-old.

 I was able to join The Eastside Boys Club located on 64th St & McKinley Ave, under the direction of James Walcott, we called him “Jim.” Thinking about that today, he was the first White Man we were allowed to call by their first name.

 It has been said “Everything you need to know about life, we learned in Kindergarten” I want to add to that, “Everything I learned about the world, I learned at The Eastside Boys Club!”

 This became the place me and my brother’s wanted to be outside of school. you see, I lived in a very strict religious fundamentalist home, ~~~ religion,  was the framework of my home, there were many tenets that separated us from “worldly” entanglement.

 But at the Boy’s Club I learned EVERY sport there was, basketball, football, baseball, ping-pong, trampoline, unicycle, chess, (daddy taught us checkers,) marbles, flying kites, dang, just about every game boys played, every Saturday Jim would bring in reel to reel Black and White Movies; Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Dracula, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Abbott & Costello, all the Cowboy movies, the list was long, movies, we would never be able to watch at home.

My sister Joyce and brothers Douglas and Michael and baby sister Helen were 1, 2, 3 and 4 grades  behind me in school. Starting in 5th grade another Afro-American boy joined the school, My man Willie Elston, now there were 6.


 By this time the bullies started aging out of the school, my classmates were not of this ilk and had been supportive and cool with me, after-all, they saw me all day long and we had to participate in many things together.

 But the most damaging characters in all this were actually some of my teachers and adults in the school system. Some of them had racist feelings and lives.

They let me know outside the knowledge of any one else but me and them that I could never be better than the White kids. It was the adults who controlled the attitudes and tenor of my life. And I always had an quiet smoldering fire to say “Yes I can!” It was something I had to keep inside and just Do It!

6th Grade Halloween

6th Grade Halloween

 Junior High at Stewart JR. High saw a few more Blacks being pulled from several elementary feeder schools, things were still new to all of us, Black and White.

The 1960’s became very tumultuous as The Civil Rights Movement took front page across our country.

I vividly remember a particular incident that impacted the rest of my life.

September 15, 1963, four little Colored Girls were killed when 4 devout and dangerous Klansmen bombed the Sunday School Class of The 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham,


I recently visited the church on the 51 year anniversary.

16th Street10 - Copy 16th Street8 16th Street7 16th Street6

Why this was so significant to me was that during that time Black Churches across the South were frequently being bombed and burned to the ground.At the age of 13 I believe in my heart that my daddy’s church would be bombed with all of us in it. Every time I went to church I would look around and check for suspicious packages.  this fear stayed with me until I left home at 18. I have never talked about this until now.


 High School at Lincoln High was very integrated as more kids were pulled from several city Jr. High feeder Schools.

 We welcomed the first Black Principal in the city, Mr. Willie Stewart. he became a mentor and friend of mine even after school days, to this day.

  Willie StewartWillie Stewart  

 All of us, White and Black went through the 60’s; The “Hot” War with USSR, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The assassination of Medgar Evers in Jackson Mississippi,

photo 4  photo 6  photo 5 I recently visited Medgar’s home

followed by the September bombing of the 16th Street Baptist church, then ~

16th Street10 - Copy

November 22, 1963 Assassinations of President Kennedy.

1968 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. then Bobby Kennedy~~~ all of these world changing events further defined the Civil Rights, Anti-Viet Nam War Movement.

Now let me tell you about that April of 1968, When The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.

I visited The Lorraine Motel where he was assassinated

This country erupted into a violence never seen before, even in Tacoma, especially uptown at the prominently Black High School called Stadium, lines were being drawn and violence erupted. Our Principal Willie Stewart was now faced with a very integrated school of which hundreds were really angry, some wanting to lash out against some of our very friends who were our white classmates.

Mr. Stewart, made several school wide public address announcements talking and deescalating hostility through hurt feelings of all us. I’ll never forget him for that. So, Lincoln High School, did not join the ranks of hate and hurt filled violence.

Alas, two months later; Robert “Bobby” Kennedy was also struck down by an assassins bullet.

 After graduating high school in 1968, I joined The US Army in 1969 took basic at Ft. Lewis Washington, 17 miles from where I grew up.

Boot Camp_2Boot Camp_sm_edited-1

I like to play a lil game, I ask people to pretend, that you are in a group of 54 people of the same sex as you, but opposite color than you, like the picture above, how do you think you would of fared?

Fort Lewis was a disappointment for me, I wanted to go the Fort Ord, California like my 2 brothers before me, I wanted out of that town at this point in my life. Then on to Fort Sam Houston San Antonio, Texas for Medics Training.

 Got the opportunity to be in the US Army’s Training Manual on Transporting the Sick and Wounded.

Field Manual Cover Litter_1 Litter_2 Penatrator

              Then it became my job and honor was to serve two tours as a Combat Medic in Viet Nam


which I earned several medals for valor and service.

Served in The 9th Division; 1st Air Calvary Division (Recon); 101st Airborne Division;




Army Commendation Orders_edited


 Upon my return,

 One Sunday in December 1971  I was in the fields of Viet Nam and then orders came down and I was on the streets of San Francisco on Thursday. The gave me $400.00 and a ticket home.

 Not knowing what to do, I did what I was trained to do, Emergency Medicine ~ So I became a Emergency Hospital Technician (EHT) 7 days later December 24, 1971 at Saint Joseph Hospital, Tacoma Washington in what was then the precursor of today’s EMT’s & Paramedic. It’s what I knew, little did I know how this decision would impact the rest of my life. as it cause me to catastrophically burn out

 During that time we rode in Cadillac Ambulances then ~~before we moved into the first vans.


 I successfully cardio-converted the first patient in the field suffering of a heart attack in the city, using the new Defibrillators. Robert Langdon; at The Top of the Ocean Restaurant Top of Ocean1never forget his name.

Right here on this very dance floor

Top of Ocean2

 In 1972 by invitation, I traveled to Duke University in North Carolina, as they were recruiting Viet Nam Medics for a new program they were developing called “Physician’s Assistants.”

 I did not want to leave home again, not for a while, so I turned the full-ride scholarship down.

 I enrolled in the local Tacoma Community College to pursue a Registered Nursing career.

 I drove paramedic ambulances to help put myself through school.

After I came back from Viet Nam, I joined our local United States Army Reserve Medical Unit to finish out my contractual obligations to the Army, now guess who was my Unit Commander? ~~~~~ Captain Willie Stewart.

I got married and we moved to Riverside, California.

 I eventually graduated with my Associate of Arts & Registered Nursing Degree from Riverside Community College. Again finding myself in the position as the first and only Black in the Nursing School. I drove Paramedic Ambulance with Goodhew Ambulance Company out of Riverside, CA

RCC Student 1980 1st Semester Registered Nursing Program

Paul Newman2(320x252) Paul Newman at Riverside International Race Track

My specialty was emergency medicine, I worked primarily in the Emergency Room, but floated to every department hospitals had when needed,

 I also worked as Chief Flight Nurse on Helicopter Medivacs, with Medical Air Transport of Riverside California.

MAT_1sm MAT_2sm

 Part Time I worked as a Registry RN, with Medical Pool of Riverside, CA, going to hospitals all over Southern California when hospitals were short of staffed.

Working a Shift in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)


In June of 1982 a group of fellow Veterans were marching across the United States raising the awareness of Viet Nam Veterans and the issues that we were experiencing, this was before they came out with the DSM IV diagnosis of PTSD. They came through my home town of Riverside, California, I joined then for several miles through the county, I took them to my home and fed and sheltered them.

Nam Vet March_5a  Nam Vet March_5b  Nam Vet March_5c

This march lit a fire under my behind and I followed this up with a city wide Tribute to Viet Nam Veterans, I called “Marching Along Again Together”  local radio stations, and TV stations announced my next plan.

On November 11, 1982, Veterans Day,  I had organized a “Welcome Home Viet Nam Veterans” Parade in my city of Riverside, California.

Unlike other wars where Veterans returned home accepted and appreciated by the US Citizens, Viet Nam Vets like myself returned home to much upheaval and disillusions as we were vilified, ridiculed and disrespected.

So I campaigned the mayor, news, politicians and local businesses to support a local parade.

I was able to get along with local police and sheriff escorts the California Highway Patrol to escort the marching vets, they had just come out with the new mustang cruisers, The Airwing at March Air force Base supplied a helicopter flyover of several Hueys, a military marching band.

The Mayor of Riverside called me to a meeting with the whole city council and presented me with a proclamation setting Veterans Day as Welcome Home Veterans Day

Many veterans showed up and marched or were pushed along in their wheelchairs by other veterans, everyone of us cried as we marched and the proud and supportive citizens cheered us on.

Nam Vet March  Proclaimation

I must say that I am glad to see the support Veterans of recent conflicts from US citizens, they started out with the yellow ribbons that said

Yelloe Ribbons

They had learned from their mistake that soldiers and sailors do not make war, we follow orders and we should not be the ones their anger and objections should be taken out on.


In 1983 I met and I married my gurlfriend we are now going on 30 years;

Nate_Jen_Wedding  December 10, 1983

We have 5 children 4 girls and that last one a boy who is now 23 years old 

Fmly Tree    Kids

and between them they gifted to us 9 grandchildren; 4 boys and 5 girls.

Father’s Day 2017

Okay, still running across things during this Spring cleaning phase we are in ~~~ came across this gem.



I had just married Jennie, I was looking for a fast way to make money ~ legally~

Living in So. California, I decided to try out for some game shows that gave out cash, didn’t want just prizes as you had to pay taxes on them, so I needed cash to offset winnings.

“The Joker’s Wild” was my best bet ~ I went to several interviews and auditions, and finally they said “Show up on such and such date and bring three changes of clothes.” I did not have three suits or sports jackets, so I borrowed from friends. Thanks Carlton Goree

Now Jennie will tell you a different story on this part, she thought I was purposely leaving her out by not taking her to the taping, first,

I did not knowing it was gonna be a taping, I had gone three times before for testing, and interviews and did not know what to expect nor on the last one what it meant when they said “bring clothes.”

Well, I needed to get myself together, so I had seen Jennie trim horses with clippers and felt she could cut my hair since that’s what’s used on my hair. Well, my dear new wife started cutting my hair ~~ then I heard what I would come to understand all through our relationship when she would say “Hold Still!” it meant ~~~ she messed up! She tried to cut my hair without any guards on the blade.

I’ll come back to that.

Now, the first episode I did not get a copy of that recording, so my entrance was my second day, I now understood why they wanted three changes of clothes, they taped three days in one day.

You play and then go backstage and change, all the contestants were in a room with lots of nice snacks and lunch. We had a good time back there, there were about 12 of us, and you sit and wait, then they called my name and I went out.

Not everyone got to play and some they would ask back and some not, I was lucky that I got chosen on my first day at final auditions.

They tell you, you are not guaranteed anything unless the show airs, so I was praying that nothing happened that would interrupt the showing, like an Emergency Presidential Broadcast, or disaster.

In the interview they wanted your history and they wanted you to be “interesting” I told them a lot of stuff, but Jack Berry, the MC and the writers thought “Naughty Nate” was interesting and fun, he played on that all throughout the show ~~~ I so wished none of that came out ~~ how embarrassing.

There are a lot of little nuances of what happened up there ~~~ one of the things was that if you won something they told you to look at the camera as if you were looking at the prize.

“Act Happy! Be Surprised! BE Fun!” ~ Were the directions from the producers.

I left the commercials in this clip cuz, a lot of what was in the commercials are what they gave me, and to me was interesting of what was going on at the time.

“Where’s The Beef?”

On commercial breaks we got to interact with the audience and I had fun messin with people, they wanted to me to sing, dance ~~~which I would not do! I made jokes and feel they were rootin for me!

Gosh, this is so surreal remembering all of this stuff….

When I won cash, as soon as they broke for a commercial the producer would come and take the money from ya, I told dude to “go away!” I came there to win cash, and was havin a hard time givin it up! The audience was crackin up as we played tug-O-war with the cash.

Jack Berry would normally go backstage, but he stayed out front and messed with me and the audience, I thought we made for an entertaining pair.


When Jennie told me to “Hold Still!” she had dug out a “plug” (a hole) in my hair, I tried to remind myself while I was up there “NOT TO LOOK TO MY RIGHT!” ~ just above and in front of my left ear you can see it ~~~ no time to grow it out, could cut it out but I’d be near bald.


I won a trip to Rio De Janerio Brazil ~~~ I had one year to take it after the airing. How cool this would be to take my new bride on a trip to Rio during “Carnival” ~~~ weeks, turned into months waiting to hear “Let’s Go Honey! Jennie never brought the subject up ~~~~

Come to find out AFTER the year expired ~~~ She was afraid of flying!!!

Dagnabbit! I would of have gone and took my brother Douglas!

She said she wouldn’t of let me gone with my brother citing he was single and we were wild together ~~` ain’t that a Blip!?!

Last year I got the pleasure to travel to Maine for Jennie’s Clinic ~~Augusta, Maine! ~ to be on point!

Bugged me the whole time that this city caused me to lose my game!

The year was 1984, I did win some money, fairly fast and legally ~~~` with some nice gifts.

(Side Note; some of the synchronization of voice and video are off, if you have things on VHS Tapes, I suggest you transfer them to digital as over time, the VHS Tapes degenerate and start to fall apart)

Here’s my 15 minutes of fame ~ Enjoy the show.

click on link below to play


A fellow RN named Manny had a little side business of transporting patients via Lear Jet around the country, Mexico and Canada. He asked me to take a flight for him, which I did, the pilot also the owner of the jet was impressed with the way I handled the trip, customs and hospitals and doctors he asked me to take over Manny’s contract, which was expiring.

Heck YEA! ~~~~ I started AlphaJet “Wings of a Dove” Air Ambulance Company of Long Beach, California.

“And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.” Psalms 56:1 (KJV).

As the owner of “AlphaJet” the Medical Division Air Ambulance Company with a Lear Jet Long Range I served as Chief Flight Nurse.

Alpha Jet   AlphaJet2 AlphajetBurned Baby

                                                       (Above) Transporting a burned child from Mexico to Baylor Texas University Burn Center, sponsored by The Shriners

Ollie & Me   Oliver North visiting in my office at AlphaJet, 2 old veterans swapping war stories. This was his first public appearance as a civilian following his Congressional Iran-Contra Affair Hearings.


 I became involved in horses when I married, Jennie. Although I always had a hankering and love for horses growing up in the early days of television cowboy shows in the 50s and 60s, I now was able to realize my childhood dreams of being a horse owner.

We we went about raising our five children with the last two being home births with a midwife.

Jer_10  1999 Kids

  There was something I always knew and understood about my relationship with God. Most Christians, can tell you what date and where they first gave their lives to Jesus, I couldn’t cuz ~~~ I was born into it, I never knew a time when Jesus was not in my life, even when I turned away from Him to go and act a fool.

 I felt His guidance all through my life, He would put me in places when and where I KNEW I was suppose to do something just for Him.

 For example;

 On September 15, 1987, I was a Level 1 Mobile Intensive Care Nurse (M.I.C.N) Registered Nurse, at Riverside General Hospital in California (The Knife & Gun Club). Driving home one day, I saw a Turbo-Prop flying waaay too low in a place it should not have been, for the area we were at and he had no power and was gliding.

 I knew it was in trouble and on its way down he was headed for this big field that was under construction for new homes.

 He was doing real well until his wheels clipped the end of the burm he was trying to land on.

 He flipped , spun and broke apart, he almost made it. TO THIS DAY! I wonder how and why did this plane crash like that and not explode on impact! His wings were full of aviation fuel~~~~The ground was saturated with aviation fuel! I knew we were gonna be caught up in a ring of fuel burning. ~~

In Nam we used foo gas, which is a mixture of explosives and napalm, usually set in a fifty-gallon drum. it is a very sticky goop that is afire and sticks to anything it gets on.

 As I was running to the plane I saw the passenger stumbling out of the plane very shook up, the pilot was unconscious still at the controls. Myself and a couple other construction dudes especially, John Gaytan, of Chino, California pulled him out and away from the plane also thinking it might blow up.

There was this big heavy construction front end loader working the field, he saw the plane hit and when it came to a complete stop, he scooped and huge amount of earth and went over and dumped it on the plane in anticipation of it bursting into fire.

 Paramedics were en-route as many people around the area saw it coming down. I stabilized the pilot and when the paramedics got there the paramedic was having trouble establishing a IV, so I took it and established bilateral 16 gauge large bore trauma IV needles in him, that’s me with the Lakers baseball cap on.

 I told the Fire Captain to call for Medical Air Transport of Riverside California., the local Medivac helicopter I used to fly with. I stopped flying because one of our choppers went down killing Nurse and Pilot, and I thought it was risky behavior raising a family, so I stopped flying. That’s them taking him to the chopper in pix #3.


Plane Crash_Headersm

Plane Crash_2sm Plane Crash_2smb Plane Crash_3smPlane Crash_5sm


Plane Crash_1sm Crash_ Plane Crash_3b

 The cause of the crash I  later discovered and was told was that the airport worker at Chino Airport, had put the wrong fuel in the plane, which it had enough good fuel to get up and a few miles away before the wrong fuel made it to the carburetors. and quit.



    Jennie, a horse trainer, specializing in Clean, Flat Shod, and Sound Moving Tennessee Walking Horses, after turning away from the abusive practice of “Soring”

Together, we became very strong, vocal and demonstrative opponents against this ungodly practice we had come to realize.

 Since the 1950s training and showing of Tennessee Walking Horses gained popularity by unconventional methods consisting of “Soring” to horse’s front feet with large pad, chains and harsh chemical products in order to induce the horse to do what famously became known as

 “The Big Lick”

.obj162geo108p89 obj57geo53pg1p95 ~VS.~


Honors_Stacks obj13geo13pg1p53-stacked-pads-lateral-300x172(1)obj12geo12pg1p5

 Following the lead of my wife’s heart and her life-changing decision to turn away from the cruel practices of mistreating horses for the sake of entertainment,

 I took a stronger more proactive role in the fight, along with some like-minded friends, went public against the practices of horse abuse.

 This put the family at great risk and caused consternation of the status quo with the airing of 1986 CNN Expose Report on the abuses within the industry.

Several other broadcast followed;  “A Current Affair, They Hurt Horses Don’t They?”

with Maury Povich,


with Tom Brokaw for example.

Holding to the adage, “That Actions speak louder than words” in 1998, I orchestrated a Direct Action, Peaceful Campaign to exhibit our Clean, Keg Shod, Sound Moving Tennessee Walking Horse in the breed’s biggest and most prestigious annual show, also the home hive for the hornets of Lickin Horses in the Heart of The South. “The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration” against the sored and padded with chained action devices Walking Horses in The World Grand Championship Class.




Our family worked closely with a new, fledgling advocacy group. Friends of the Sound Horse (FOSH) to spread the truth of the controversy through their newsletter The Steppin Out Magazine

 They also helped develop FOSH’s Independent Judges Association of which Jennie was the first judge.

 As a contributing factor of this summer controversy in 1998. National Walking Horse Association was incorporated in September of 1998 as an alternative Natural Sound Tennessee Walking Horse Showing Group.

 Two years of legal wrangling finally opened the door in 1999 for our Clean, Flat Shod, and Sound Moving stallion Champagne Watchout to once again knock on that tightly shut and locked  door for the Grand Championship.

Once the norm of the industry, the last time a horse shod as Champagne Watchout such a horse had competed was in 1954.


 I also became the first Black Owner to enter a horse in this class in its 61-year-history and our 15-year-old daughter Natalie Jackson became the first juvenile, and the first Black Exhibitor to ride in this Open, All-White Southern event held since the 1930s.


                   Owing to my wife Jennie reverting back to her roots of riding by applying Dressage to the Gaited Horse, I began documenting and helping her put into words all of her work. Thus,we developed Dressage en Gaite  that is: Dressage As Applied to the Gaited Horse; in the US.

we wrote and published Dressage en Gaite in 1998; this was followed by developing the first Dressage test and class for Gaited Horses in 2000.

 In 2006, Kentuckian Arlene Gray asked The Jacksons to put together a Musical Freestyle Exhibition using Dressage; As Applied to Gaited Horses for The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.

 We performed for 3 days with the same stallion, Champagne Watchout, who showed in the controversial WGC Class at the 1999 and (and subsequently in the 2007 & 2012 National Celebration, as well.


 Using Prix St. George Movements, we inspired the Dressage Movement in not only Walking Horses, but also other Gaited Breeds throughout the world.

 The Jackson’s and our horses have traveled the States exhibiting and conducting Dressage en Gaite Clinics, which has gained great public interest and acceptance.

 Due in large part to these efforts, today every organization of Tennessee Walking Horses now offers Dressage Classes at their shows.

 In 2009, The Jackson’s were formally invited by THE 2010 Alltech FEI Equestrian World Games to exhibit their Dressage en Gaite as the;

 The Official Tennessee Walking Horse Breed Representatives.


      Our adopted Israeli Daughter, Thank you l_25c34b3487f74ade941ca63591b1e9d2obj91geo71pg1p58Anava Guttman for designing our Walkin On Ranch Logo



Drs. Chester Gipson and Rachael Cesar Directors of APHIS of the USDA   

Together with good friend Betty Ortlieb in 2010 we published the finalized Breed and Gait Descriptions for The Tennessee Walking Horse of DeG.

Owing to one, My being diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Attack and the Stiff-necked Walking Horse Industry we’ve have left them to God. But 2 more powerful TV interviews we were asked to give have impacted others to carry on the fight.



Well for the last 30 years family, horses, and advocacy has been my main occupation, I do have other interest, one that I hope I get to realize.

 In 2011 Jennie & I got the opportunity to mark one of our Bucket List Items off ~~~ we sold 4 horses to a awesome gentleman and his family in Israel ~~~ on Jennie and I’s first date we talked about our individual dreams to travel to Israel, she already had a passport in anticipation of traveling there with her grandmother ~~~ well, in selling the horses he wanted us to escort them there to him ~~~ we did and got to spend two God inspired weeks there working with horses and traveling with personal guides~~~ 


My Bike:

 In 1972 after returning from Viet Nam I purchased a Honda CB 500 four off the show room floor.


I had several crashes and every time I would start to “Chop” my bike ~~~ I finally got it done and enjoyed it for many years ~~~When I married Jennie, I put the bike down, citing it was too much of a “risky Behavior” in starting a family.~~~ so for the last 30 years I have been hauling this bike with everywhere I moved to, thinking one day I would ride again after the kids were gone.!!!well this year I started putting it together, re-painting it ~~~ but these daggum horses would eat up every spare penny I had. So I plucked away at it when I could…


Bike1Left Side

         Circa 1976                                                                               What is looks like today ~~~

  I am making a Viet Nam Helicopter theme bike;

Tank_1sm Tank_3sm Tank_2sm

I was in progress with it when all of this prostate business came on~~~ ~~~I was hoping to “Putt” on it one more time after 33 years of not riding it.

 Old man’s dream~~~

 Well as everyone, there is so much more to meet the eye when you are asked to write a bio~~~ I hit the highlights I thought were important as I remember them.

 I have but maybe one regret in my life and I wish I could go back and change that, but it is a cross I guess I will carry to my grave~~~

 I so thank The Lord for being in my life and hangin in there with me when I screwed up and walked away from Him. But my wife is always telling me that I should just hold on to His promises, which I am, but as I told her, even Jesus, when faced with a terrible death in the Garden of Gethsemane, had His moments of doubt and fear~~~cried from the cross with great despair as He looked for His Father and could not see Him.


I just ~~~~~~


Well my journey starts with the archives of the first date, last and the last entry first ~~~~ I hope my journey helps someone out there

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