January 13, 2014 “God’s Gift”

I have found myself being a member of several Face Book Cannabis Support Groups.

I was noticing one of my long time horse friends were on some of the same several groups, I private messaged them and asked if they had cancer? They said “No, but they were a caregiver for 5 patients”

They said they had been watching my post and said that they felt they could help me, I’m all about anyone wanting to help me.

This person works with a grower I’ll call “Pat” ~ they sent Pat to my blog, and they read it and said, because I have not taken the radiation or chemo, I am very vulnerable and they want to help me, so Pat is sending me a full regimen of over 60 grams of what they feel was the best cure for the particular cancer I have. You know they now design and grow specific medication for specific diseases, and this person has helped several prostate cancer patients.

Pat said they had  mixed the strains “God’s Gift”, “Grandaddy Purple” and “Kryptonite”

I just noticed something, ~~~~~ remember me talking about trying to Spiritually Discern when God is working in your life?

Well, my name is NATHANAEL (spelled this way from the Bible St. John 1:47)

NATHAN~A~EL in Hebrew means :

“Gift of God”

I feel like a kid waitin for Christmas, up until now I have been kinda skirting the topic of me using Cannabis,  but since this:



I ain’t a “Pot Head” walkin round stoned all day long, I am not smoking this stuff, this is taken internally in capsule form, this does not make me high, I have the usual clarity of mind as always ~ HA! I know someone is making a joke outta that one!

The component CBD within the oil helps with pain, refreshing, revitalizing my organs, sleep, but what is needed inside of me to KILL cancer cells is the THC!

This strain Pat is making for me I am told tests out around 27% THC, ~ that’s some pretty potent stuff for Jerry’s Ass!

I am just like everyone of you out there ~~~ waitin to see if what has been said is true “Cannabis Kills Cancer”

Y’all who know me and some of my beliefs which I have never strayed from,~  I would believe without a shadow of doubt that God raised these two people to “Come See Bout Me!”

And the things is I have never met neither one of them but am so looking forward to making a trip and giving them both a “Nate Hug!”

Got a very important medical visit with my Oncologist tomorrow, will do a PSA Test, which will tell the story of me stopping their medication.

You know the Bible tells us of how Jesus used one of God’s creations and gifts to us ~  Mud ~ to heal a blind man’s sight, and here I have another of His Gifts to heal my body,

Feelin quite content these dayz!

3 thoughts on “January 13, 2014 “God’s Gift”

  1. Marc says:

    Does this strain have a name? Or is it not named yet? Also, does it work specifically well against adenocarcinoma (which, if I’m not mistaken, is the the type of cancer you have) or does it work specifically well with prostate cancer generally?

  2. Jennifer Jhaveri says:

    I too have been using God’s Gift and Granddaddy Purple to heal my cancer. What a blessing. Much love to you and your beautiful family, Nathaniel.

    • Chummy Anthony says:

      That’s a right nice story my friend. You are a pretty amazing man Nathanael. I’m proud to call you my friend. tokes2ya:)-~chummy

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