January 24, 2015 ~ “Keepin The Pressure On Jerry!”

Had a scheduled 3 month check-in with Dr. Deraleth my oncologist at the Nashville VA this past week.

At our last meeting Natalie was with me she had a concern that she expressed.

“If you are taking all his testosterone away to prevent feeding the prostate cancer, what happens to the balance of Estrogen that is left in his body?”

Good forward thinking; good point, Estrogen is known to feed some cancers, and since my cancer is being fed by something else other or in addition to testosterone. We asked for an Estrogen panel to ascertain what my levels were. Now my doctor had a problem with this request as she asked “What are we gonna do with the results?” she stated she had not known this test to be drawn for the care and treatment of prostate cancer.

My PSA is now 0.21ng/ml up from 0.12ng/ml taken 5 weeks earlier. I was told that the important point in PSA if you put any stock in them is

“It’s not how much or how high it is, it’s how fast it goes from one point to another.

Mine is on the rise.

The Estrogen Levels were 131pg/ml   normal levels are 40 – 115pg/ml in males.

I’m high ~ .

A hormone imbalance—for example, an increase in estrogen and decrease in testosterone—creates problems. Too much estrogen in the male body can lead to:

  • gynecomastia (the development of female-type breast tissue)
  • cardiovascular issues
  • increased risk of stroke
  • weight gain
  • prostate problems

So that’s what we hit next, along with getting off blood pressure meds, I have lost 25 pounds, but along with that goes muscles tone, so muscles strengthening now on the program.

I know God loves me because I can actually see, feel, hear, taste and know He is with me by being observant of what’s going one around me.

I have a friend I have known for many years in the horse business, even though we have never personally met, they have met Jennie.

I belong to several FaceBook groups that advocate alternative medicine.

I saw this friend on a couple of them and private messaged them and asked if they had cancer. They responded no, but they are legal caregivers for 5 patients.

They said they had been following me a bit and felt they could help me. So they proceeded to tell me of their partner who makes “Designer Strains” of RSO for specific conditions. They told me that their partner read my blog and felt every strong that I needed to get as much RSO of a Bone Metastasis Strain in me ASAP. So this kind person spent 5 days preparing for me over 90 grams of a hybrid strain of his from the “God’s Gift,” Kryptonite,” and “Big Daddy Purple.”

 Someone asked me what does it look like, is an oil like baby oil consistency?

Here’s what it looks like;

01_2015 RSO

Here’s a picture of another form of packing of RSO

Cure Cancer

I know many are watching to see how this all plays out with me, I am putting a lot of information so if you or someone you know gets into a situation where they do not want to go the traditional road of treatment you might use this as a template to get you started in your research.

Told you have something that will eventually kill you, and kill you in a horrible, painful way…just how far would you go to try to avoid this?

Myself and my family appreciate all the support from everyone.

I have friends around the world writing me and helping me out with New Zealand, Australia, England, The States, Canada lots of places!

I hope I pose a blessing to someone who is searching for answers to questions they may not even know they wanna ask.

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