July 12, 2017 ~ “Take Me To The Water!”

Continue with my VA appointments, things seem to be holding steady, ceptin an infrequent chest pressure that makes my jaw ache. So they are gonna do another stress test. Had one 2 years ago along with the stent they put in from the heart attack I was having at that time. At that time they said I had another artery that was 60% occluded so they wanna see if that one is more occluded requiring a stent intervention.

In the mean time I am going about “doing my Father’s work.”

I weekly go to Clay County, TN jail ministry. I really love doing this, as service to someone that can do absolutely nothing for me. 

I’ll tell ya something. I was intently following all my laboratory test, pouring over all my bone scans, voraciously combing the internet seeking cures and remedies to rid myself of this cancer.

Then I heard a message about serving in a church ministry, giving to others that cannot give anything in return to you. I signed up for and started attending the jail ministry back in December of 2016.

Very quietly something started happening with me and one day Jesus told me to “Look Back at my footsteps” I did and came to the stark awareness that I had taken my mind off MY troubles, pain left me, I experienced a great deal of hope that EVEN IF He did not remove this thorn from my side as Paul implored Him to do 3 times, He would instill in me His Grace to suffice me! I started gaining weight. Had great JOY, not just happiness, but HIS JOY!

When I look at the video below the first thing I notice is how fat I am! I now weigh 200 pounds!  What a roller-coaster this has been! down from about 250 pounds all the way down to 160 pounds at my darkest time. I need to lose about 10 pounds! LOL!

So one of the inmates approach Deputy Chief Rick Lisi, who started the ministry at this jail a couple years ago and whom I work with there as a team that he wanted to be baptized. We looked at several options from bringing a horse troth into the jail, to taking them to the church on off hours, but Sheriff Brandon Boone said he wanted them to be baptized there in Clay County at the lake.

Gunny ( Lt Rick Lisi, he’s a veteran Marine, but I don’t hold that against him 🙂 ) contacted the church and they in a couple days put this all together with the Pastor coming down to baptize these brothers.

Listen to me on this, if you or someone you know is suffering and struggling with anything in your life.

Get your eyes off your troubles and turn them to doing something for some else, serve them! Give what you got! Yourself!

I do believe that we all are gonna be asked a question from God when we get to Glory

“What did you do with my Son Jesus Christ who died for you?”

Are you praying for yourself? Start praying and serving someone else!

Look you’ve tried everything man can offer, what state and condition are you currently in now doing that? Try something that requires Faith in God, put your trust in the Great Physician!

The disease may not go away, but use that as part of your testimony to help someone else.

Let me know how that works for ya! I wanna hear your testimony, it could greatly help me! 🙂

One thought on “July 12, 2017 ~ “Take Me To The Water!”

  1. Rosanne says:

    Have you gone back for your stress test?

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