July 2, 2014 ~ “Quality Of Life”


When you hear that term, what does it mean to you, not the definition we kinda think it means, but what does Quality Of Life mean to YOUR life?

“Dying With Dignity” I think kinda goes hand in hand with Quality Of Life.

Wanna share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with both of these and how it has now become a real up-front realization to me and those with me.

I don’t think I would have really written on these topics had they not both slapped me in the face like I was a baldedheaded step child!

We pulled into a Dunkin Donut last week in our travels to East Port, Maine for a break in Jennie’s Dressage en Gaite Clinic Tour.

I sat at a table facing the door, an little, elderly man came in, order a breakfast sandwich and small coffee, and as he sat at the table across from me, facing me, I could see the discomfort and pain-wince sweep across his aged wrinkled face as he lowered himself down into the seat.

He put his face in his hands with elbows on the table as if to recover from the wave of discomfort. As I sat I would turn quick gazes at him to see how he was doing. He was taking a long time to recover.

I got up and walked over and sat at his table, I said “That was a hard one, huh?” bypassing the typical “Are you alright?” it was obvious he wasn’t. He said back to me, “It’s been real hard lately” I said “I can tell” then he opened up and started telling me his life, he said “it was hard growing old, I’m 93 years old and it’s hard I can’t get around as easy.”

I said, “Well, for 93 you were able to get up, dress yourself, have the where-with-all to get in your car and drive to where you wanted to go and order what you wanted to eat, I’d say you’re doing exceptional!”

He said, “Yeah, I guess you are right. My wife died a year and half ago and I am here alone, my kids live different places.”He said he just arrived back to town after driving to Boston to a family get together and one son is trying to move back to town with his family.”

I listened as he spoke of how he has lived there his entire life and would enjoy having family around again.

I observed but a glimpse of his Quality Of Life ~ I think a friendly reminder of what he has going for him shifting his attention temporarily from what he has lost as to physical, mental and emotional “Used-To-Beens” might of just been what he needed for that day, he was smiling when we shook hands and left, two complete strangers, helpin each other.

Oh yeah, he helped me a lot!

I so love my wife, my kids, and grandkids!~~~~

A couple of them sometimes treat me like nothing is going on because I don’t seem changed I’m guessing and that’s a good thing I guess, it makes me “Man UP!” most times, but sometimes I don’t wanna feel better, does that make sense?

My Quality Of Life has improved greatly in all areas!

Aside from the main stream responses I hear from known Quality Of Life for people with Cancers I find for me not having to go through Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery, Radioactive Implants, sometimes ~~~~~ I forget I have Stage IV Cancer.

My lifelong professional and personal knowledge and experience with the known concepts of the TERRIBLE! struggles people “MUST!” go through with Stage IV Cancers has yet not been still reconciled with my treatment modality, it’s like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop at times.

The regiment of Organic High Quality Supplements my daughter Natalie has suggested to me I KNOW FOR A FACT has made a difference on my Quality Of Life.

I ain’t trying to sell anybody nuttin ~ this is just what I am doing, I am taking the drugs specific for certain things prescribed by the VA Medical Staff, but there are some that can be replaced without compromising what the Medical Doctors prescribe.

For example; one of the first things they prescribed when they found out that it had Metz to my bones, was to give me high doses of Calcium, with Vitamin D, for bone support.

Natalie says “Dad they make that from things like Limestone and our bodies just does not absorb it as well as Natural Calcium!”

Makes perfectly good sense to me; so my Calcium is supplied through natural plants and Elements grown organically, making absorption and elimination easier on my body same as with the harsh anti-inflammatories, NAID’s ~ VERY hard on our bodies.

There are natural anti-inflammatories that are easier on our systems, I’m just sayin~

As I understand Quality Of Life ~~now!?!

This is just some of what I have enjoyed with much dignity in the last few weeks in my adult version of ~~~ “What I did over Summer!”

The 2014 Jennie Jackson Dressage en Gaite Clinic Tour

We left Cookeville, TN May 24th; I drove to Duluth Minnesota for 3 days,

Oh! I forgot to tell you, we have along this trip Isaiah age 10 and Olivia age 2 and Mia, Jen’s pink and purple tailed Standard Poodle all in our 3-Horse Living Quarters Trailer,


IMG_0403 Lake Superior, Duluth, MN

then dropped down below Lake Michigan and pointed to; “The second star to the right and straight on till morning.” Stopped in Altoona, Pennsylvania to visit Ashley Pletcher and her family and friends.



Left there for Sanford, Maine 5 miles from Kennebunkport, Maine for 5 days, went whale watching with the 2 Grand, while Jennie conducted a Clinic in Massachusetts 

IMG_2069 Captain Jack and Honorary First Mate Zay, looking for whales

We had a 3 year old gelding we were hauling until Augusta, Maine, and then it was just us’ins

We left there and drove to the last Interstate exit in the United States before crossing over to Canada, eh?

Houlton Maine, this is the summer camp of my best good friend and his wife Larry and Gloria.

Doc Cain was my buddy I spoke about in my bio I served in Viet Nam with,

The Docs_2

1970 Viet Nam, Republic of;


2014 Houlton, Maine

He and his wife run a charitable organization called Hope International that travels across the States delivering aid to people in need, free of charge.

Here they run a seasonal Summer Camp for anyone who would like the opportunity to live outside of mainstream during the summer months.

We went on a day-driving tour to the coast, to East Port, ME



We left after a week back to Augusta, Maine for another 4 day clinic, stopping off first in Albion, Maine to visit with Lisa and Paolo Gonzales, took a interesting but fun canoe ride in the bogs.


While Jennie was doing her Clinic we hooked up with Everett, Teresa’s (Barn Owner) father.


Everett navigating our journey

We went to Bath Ironworks, in Bath ME, long time ship builder’s for the US Navy

IMG_2221 IMG_2236 IMG_2224

America’s newest Stealth Destroyer USS Zumwalt in progress.

Our host took us out for Maine Lobster dinner at Norm’s Seafood & Chicken Restaurant in China, Maine and picked out our fresh lobster and savored every bite

That’s Dinn-ah!


We left there and headed for Pennsylvania, pulled in and camped alongside a stream at the Gettysburg Campgrounds.

The next day we rose to go to The Gettysburg National Battlefield.


We went there last year, and ended up in the middle of the Federal Government shutdown, and were not permitted to go onto federal property. Very disappointing.

But here we are this year and we went for the whole enchiladas and hired a personal guide who rides in your vehicle and takes you to everything with narration! A 2 hour tour for $65.00 a Bargain with having the kids ~ who ate and snacked all through it!


Tom, our most knowledgeable guide

Quality Of Life level still running high!

My energy levels are waaay up there! When my head hits the pillow, I’m out! Feel some aches and pains, knees, from driving, hips sore from sittin, but nothing that has lingered and became naggin that does not also come with just getting old.
Meetin and greetin lots of folks from a plethora of backgrounds

Got to our last Clinic in Litchfield, Ohio, stayed 2 nights in another neat campground, pool for the kids, lots of amenities.

Stopped in Kentucky to see our boy Champagne Watchout where he is standing stud.


He’s lookin real good

Lots of contemplating time while driving, everyone is sleeping and the cabin is quiet and on a long stretch of road. Reflections, Reconciling, Anticipation, Questions, Resolutions, Fear, Hope.

Am I in His Will?~~~Am I doin God’s Will?

Quality Of Life?

~ Live everyday to its fullest

~ Live in the moment

~ Enjoy the day God has given you

Popular cliques ~

I feel I have been experiencing God’s blessings to the fullest.

Some major testing coming up mid-July


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