July 20, 2016 ~ Did The Radiation Work?

Return to Clinic for 6 week follow up after 10 treatments of 30 Gray Radiation “Spot Welding” of T-11 and Bilateral Sacroiliac Joints.

Appears to be promising, my thoughts now are this.

Because the Radiologist worked with me on this and did transverse cuts to get at the cancer to avoid as much organ involvement, I had no side effects at all, except an occasional skin itch at the insertion point.

So on my next Oncology appointment, I wanna check out the possibility of doing the same for all the rest of my hot spots.

As you can hear the radiologist say in the video below, “no new growths, no increase in size of current tumors”. That is real good news

Latest PSA is 20ng/ml down from 128ng.ml and steadily going down since I started the Eligard Abdominal Subcutaneous Injections again, now going on 4 months.

This time I am taking the once a month dose instead of the 3 or 6 months dosage I used to take, in hopes of cutting down the side effects, and so far I still get the night sweats, I mean vicious sweats, soaks the bedding, I use a night sweat bedding, and its really kinda strange, the night sweats wake me up to go pee, a most wonderful improvement of not peeing the bed, most nights I get none to one, but I kinda tracked that when I have a stressful day, I may get up 2-3 times a night. one night 8 times.

Feeling really good, no pain or deficits, Natalie is finishing up her studies on Myofacia Massage and THAT technique is the bomb! Really resets my body

I remain encouraged, the RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) really helps in so many things, but getting into the bones to attack the cancer is not as obvious ~ still working with friends across the world trying to solve this conundrum.

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