June 1, 2014 ~ 6 Month Report In

I apologize for being absent for the last ah, 2 months, physically things remained pretty much the same, hot flashes and deep sacral and hip bone pain.

The bone pain was becoming increasingly worse, absolutely debilitating.

I went in on May 16th to my Oncologist, Urologist.

They discontinued my Fosomax, (bone strengthening meds) to see if the pain would subside.

I was scheduled  for a Angiogram on the 21st, to get a base line on my heart and its condition.

My son-in-law Jheramy drove me (Jennie was in Montana doing her clinic)

An angiogram is an X-ray test that uses a special dye and camera (fluoroscopy) to take pictures of the blood flow in an artery (such as the aorta) or a vein (such as the vena cava).


They entered through my right radial artery, after starting an IV on my left forearm, they gave me some IV sedative that did not knock me out, but made me not care, for the moment


I was wheeled into a Cath Lab



After the test they wheeled me into a recovery room where they placed a Radial Compression Inflation Band, controlled with air, this sucka hurt as it was systematically deflated, and blood clotting test were periodically performed to ensure no bleeding from my radial artery



Report came back as saying I had a 60% occlusion in a smaller vessel they did not feel necessary to do anything about (Ballooning or stint)



I went home and awaited the 6 month lab report ~~~

Just in;

  Test Name                       Result          Units       Reference Range
ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE  26            U/L               13-69
ALBUMIN                                 3.9          g/dl              3.5-5.0
ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE            67.0       U/L              38-126
ASPARTATE AMINOTRANSFERASE 23.0    U/L               15-46
BILIRUBIN                                   0.4       mg/dl             0.2-1.3
CALCIUM                                    9.4       mg/dl             8.4-10.4
CARBON DIOXIDE                       26    mmol/L               22-30
CHLORIDE                                   05   mmol/L                98-107
CREATININE                              0.90    mg/dL            0.70-1.30
GLUCOSE                                     89      mg/dL               70-110
POTASSIUM                                 4.6    mmol/L               3.6-5.2
PROSTATE SPECIFIC AG    4.55 High    ng/mL                0-4.0
PROTEIN                                    7.0          ng/dl             6.3-8.2
SODIUM                                     141           mmol/L            137-145
TESTOSTERONE                       7.8 Low    NG/DL           230-793
UREA NITROGEN                         13              mg/dL               5-25

So my PSA is down from;

10.6 ~ 6 months ago

4.97 ~ 3 months ago

4.55 ~ Currently

Remember 4.o or lower is the desired level

Testosterone (The Fuel to the cancer) is in a good position that says the fuel has been stopped, yet the cancer is still there.   I am planning on a “Self-Help” treatment that has been known to totally kill cancer cells completely in the near future, I’ll talk about that once I get going with it

Currently we are in Duluth, Minnesota doing Jennie’s Horse Clinics, we have along with us Isaiah my 10-year-old Grandson and Olivia our 2-year-old Granddaughter

Next stop in Massachusetts, then on to Maine and ending in Ohio

Stay on top of those PSA’s and Prostate exams…you don’t wanna be doing a blog like this




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