June 17, 2015 ~ “”Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to rescue you from the lions?”

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can stand against us?” Romans 8:31 KJV

Today was the first follow up Full NU Bone Scan and Bone Density Test since the first just under two years ago, along with a comprehensive blood and urine analysis.

The first two test are to tell;

#1. If there is any  cancer, and where it is in my bones.

#2 Tell the Calcium uptake in my bones determining what the strength and what damage the cancer may have caused in my bones are.

So I have had pretty high anxiety at times thinking on the importance of these testings because of what things I do know:

I have an very aggressive Adenocarcinoma in my prostate, bladder lymph node, 7th Lt rib, both hips, and in several levels of my spine.

They offered me radiation in my hips the first year, they’ve wanted to put me on chemotherapy since the beginning. I have refused those treatments. I stopped taking the Hormone Reduction Therapy of Eligard over a year ago. Have gotten off off several urinary bladder control, prostate and kidney meds.

We have determined that I may have been carrying this cancer for about 4 years.

Here’s what one Belgium study says of my Life’s Expectancy;

These numbers are WITH TREATMENT

Metastatic prostate cancer without bone metastasis:

  • one-year survival: 87 percent
  • five-year survival: 56 percent

Metastatic prostate cancer with bone metastasis:

  • one-year survival: 47 percent
  • five-year survival: 3 percent

Metastatic prostate cancer with bone metastasis and skeletal involvement:

  • one-year survival: 40 percent
  • five-year survival: less than one percent

That’s me in the RED ~~~~~~~not too hopeful, according to them.

So what happened at the hospital?

First my Oncologist since the beginning, quit and moved away.

Nashville, Veterans Medical Center is next door to Vanderbilt Hospital, Vanderbilt is a Level 1 Trauma Center, which means it must be a “Teaching Hospital”.

So they had all these Residents that rotate every 3 months or so, they are over watched by and Attending Doctor (Their Instructor)

So to them, us Veterans are their Guinea Pigs, Rhesus Monkeys, their classroom, their experiments.

I’ll skip past the details of the condescending, self-imported, egomaniac doctor named Kenneth Wyman, he was a real jerk to us, he was surrounded by his little minions and tried to act all puffed up, but I was not in the mood for that kinda crap this day

He had not reviewed my chart, he did not ask me ONE question he repeated 4 different times that “We have options for you and if you do not want to take them that is up to you!”

The only information I got from him was that my PSA had risen to 22ng/ml since my last report of 0.012ng/ml in January, 6 months earlier.

Things were scheduled all backwards, They did my Bone Dexi Scan, then my Oncologist visit , followed by the Bone Scan in the afternoon.

So the radiologist came out and gave me a verbal report,

He said “The scan looks the same as it did 2 years ago, no changes, matter fact it looks improved” I asked, Any new growths?” “None that I could see, so whatever you are doing keep it up, of course we can’t see into the organs with this scan.” 

I asked “Then should we not do a full body scan to see if it has left the bones and is impinging any organs” “Well that’s up to my attending and if the PSA continues to rise and if you develop any symptoms. .

So without getting any more detailed kinda of reports from him, we left.


When I decided 18 months ago at the discovery of my Prostate Cancer that I was going to pursue the school of thought of

God’s Gift to His Children; Cannabis Oil, further developed by Rick Simpson and his Protocol.

Here’s the claim I heard back then;

“Start off with 1 rice grain size three times a day and work yourself up to 1 gram a day for a total of 60 grams, and most cancers would be cured.

When they (The VA)  proposed Hormone Reduction Therapy at first I accepted it for 2 doses, then, I wised up and discontinued it. When they proposed Radiation and Chemotherapy I respectfully declined.

All resting on the belief that God would fashion a Bronze Serpent on a Rod for me to receive my healing.


I would say I was going for this much like those 3 Hebrew Boys, trusting that God was able to cure me and heal my body,

3 Hebrew Boys

but if He did not, yet would I trust in Him; “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him”. Job 15:13

So here I am almost 4 years of finding out about this cancer, 15 months of being on straight RSO, Chiropractor, and homeopathic nutritiousness supplements. several organ and system cleanses.

My daughter and caregiver in this developed a program that she has affectionately called;

“The Nathetheskate99 Protocol”

On the top of that protocol

Look at the picture above, although only 3 are standing, do you imagine like I do that all those people with their bowed heads were praying for those boys?

I do! and for that I thank you all for your prayers and continued spiritual, mental and emotional support


In reviewing my history of  the Xrays this is the progression of my disease starting in Nov 2013 when it was diagnosed.

1. Solitary blastic lesion corresponding to the left seventh rib anterolaterally is most common with osseous metastasis.
1. These findings are consistent with osteopenia and represent a fracture risk approximately 3 times that of a young adult.
Comparison: Bone Scan 11/08/2013
1. Increased activity within the seventh left rib laterally, the right acetabulum, right iliac wing, and right sacral iliac joint. These findings are suspicious for osseous metastasis to the left seventh rib, right iliac crest, right acetabulum.

In addition there appears to be increased activity at the right sacroiliac joint
MRI PELVIS W/CONT, 07/25/2014
Comparison: Bone Scan 07/17/2014
1. Multiple T1 high and T2 mild enhancing bony lesion involving the lower lumbar spine (L5, L3, and L2,) and pelvic bones as described above. These are consistent with metastatic disease in view of the history of prostate cancer and abnormality on prior bone scan,

Comparison: Bone Scan 07/17/2014
Multiple osseous lesions highly suspicious of metastatic disease. A few lesions are equivocal.

Comparison: CT Abdomen and Pelvis dated 11/08/2013
Addendum: 74177 CT ABD & PELV W/CONTRAST C4 2364 D CT ABDOMEN & PELVIS WITH CONTRAST 99RAP Additional findings and further details on findings noted on the original report:

1.9 cm osteoblastic deposit noted at T1 involving the posterior
RIGHT vertebral body extending into the pedicle.

1.3 cm osteoblastic lesion noted in the mid vertebral body of L2.

1.5 cm lesion noted in the anterior LEFT aspect of L3. Tiny 0.3
cm lesion noted in the inferior aspect of L5. Tiny 0.2 cm lesion
noted in the RIGHT sacrum wing.

1.5 cm osteoblastic lesion noted in the RIGHT iliac crest. 1.8
cm lesion noted in the posterior medial RIGHT ilium. Faint 1.8
cm lesion noted in the posterior RIGHT acetabulum. Faint 1.2 cm
lesion noted in the anterior RIGHT acetabulum.

Multiple small lesions present in the LEFT posterior medial LEFT ilium with the largest measuring 1.2 cm.

Mildly enlarged lymph nodes noted in the obturator internal
regions measuring 1.5 cm on the RIGHT and 1.3 cm the LEFT have not significantly changed since the prior study dated November 08, 2013.


COMPARISON: Bone Scan 7/17/2014


1. No significant changes from the previous bone scan.

2. Intense uptake within the left seventh rib, right iliac wing,
acetabulum, and sacroiliac joint are suspicious for osseous
metastatic disease.


So my thoughts of what has transpired;

The first Bone Scan in Nov 2013 revealed cancer in my rib, hips, and pelvis.

Come some 8 months later MRI it says it had spread to my lumbar spine.

July 2014 CT said that I had several more increased activity spots from Nov 2013, it showed my cancer spreading.

Now 1 year later here in June 2015 ~ the CT Scan says there were no changes as compared to the July 2104 CT Scan.

I have lost 27 pounds since January 15, 2015, average 1 pound a weeks, I have no symptom, every one of my once very compromised urinary system is back to normal, I do not get up at night, I pee regularly throughout the day.

I still have almost every pill of the Morphine and Oxycontin they gave me for pain  related to this disease, yes, I have old man’s arthritic pains, which are very manageable.

My quality of life is at the TOP of the CHART!

I was told by one of my doctors who would talk pretty straightforward with me, “According to the company-line I should be in a Hospice or dead”

YES, without a doubt I believe RSO is working, besides making the pain gone, it is reanimating and refreshing my organs, revitalizing my whole system so IT CAN DO THE JOB IT WAS TO DESIGNED TO DO AND FIGHT OFF THIS CANCER IN THE FIRST PLACE~~~~~ON ITS OWN!!!”

The last Radiologist said “he saw some improvements”,,,, how do you improve with cancer?

I believe bone cancer going be the toughest most dug in tick of all the cancers and will take more and longer to totally eradicate , and THIS cancer in the bones is DUG IN DEEP!

So the majority of my protocol is helping my body help itself, build up that immune system, clean out dead and cloggin material from all my organs, freshen up everything.


How often do you align your car? WHY?
A bad alignment will cause  you to drive dangerously, to wear out tires, damage bearings, brakes, just cost ya a whole lot of money.

So what makes us think that throughout our whole life with everything we’ve done with our body ~~~ that’s your spine has never needed to be aligned?

Your nervous system is how the body knows how to heal itself, so if that message is cut-off or otherwise compromised, that organ is NOT gonna function and perform as it was meant to, matter fact being compromised makes that organ susceptible to disease itself!

Get Yourself Straight!


At the TOP! Working around the house, driving my baby to her Clinics and Judging obligations, playing with the family and helping out those that can take me 🙂

Will follow this up soon with CT Scan of the Abdomen scheduled mid month.

So like|Daniel’s king Darius who inquired after him whether Daniel’s God was able to save him from the lion’s den, Daniel was able to reply:

21 Daniel answered, “May the king live forever! 22 My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. Nor have I ever done any wrong before you, Your Majesty.”



I believe that God has sent His angel’s to stop the cancer where it is and is starting the process of reversing and killing it.

With NO traditional cancer drugs

It’s said we should all


It was planned to celebrate Father’s Day 2105 on a houseboat as a party no matter what the test said 3 days earlier!

Thank you JESUS we had a lot to celebrate and dance about!

Get yo laugh on as you watch these two old Dude and Dude-dess get they groove on!

This is what 4 years Stage IV Bone Cancer with no radiation or chemo ~~~ just cannabis oil ~~~~ looks like!!

2 thoughts on “June 17, 2015 ~ “”Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to rescue you from the lions?”

  1. Marilyn Herb says:

    I include you in my prayers every night asking God for your complete healing because he gave you special gifts and you are not done using them yet. On a personal note I am 21 months and counting and by all tests am cancer free

  2. Debra Jones says:

    Praise God and I’ll thank him him right here and now for your complete healing! I will continue my prayers for that end. Hallelujah.

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