February 21, 2014 ~~ Long awaited Appointment Cancelled

Woman from VA calls me today, all cheery “Mr. Jackson, I’m Sheila from the Urology Dept at the VA, I have GREAT news for you!~~~

you don’t have to get up early and come to your 8am appt on Monday!”

“There’s gonna be no doctors here so we are rescheduling all appts!

I paused and slid in my defcon 2 part of my brain and calmly said

“What makes you think not having my appt I been waiting for for 3 months would be good news? My 2nd dose of HRT is suppose to be given”

(Dr. Tang told me that there is a 3 week window to get my shots of Eligard)

Well, her tone changed, I know she thought someone might be happy bout that news, but I am not him~~~~I knew it was not her fault and did not take it out on her ~~~~

I told her I will patiently wait my turn come Monday for a “Quick” reschedule otherwise I will be there Tuesday morning ~~~and someone is just gonna have to skip lunch or something ~~~cuz ain’t nobody goin home till I’m seen.

~~~The VA is the best healthcare system I have ever known ~~~ it is a system nonetheless~~~

They’ll get it worked out Drs have off dayz too! ~~~

Just some of the staff will come to understand what Dr. Tang meant when he charted in my medical record notes if I don’t get in next week

“Extreme PTSD, Approach With Caution!”

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