March 2, 2014 ~ MICAHCARE

I believe God bought me to this place with my journey, however, I do not think I would have taken this route of this Blog had it not been for a courageous 12-year-pld boy name Micah Bialy.

You see, Micah had an aggressive form of brain cancer, I became aware of him through his great parents Darin & Lisa Bialy, who are horse people.

I felt led to start a program within our horse organization Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association.

I put together a Benevolence/Sunshine Club in which we would reach out to other members and their families in their difficult times.

I called it


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At the 2012 Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) General Membership Meeting, held November 30, 2012, a TWHBEA member from Tennessee, with great support from President Marty Irby, motioned that a committee be established to help any Association members that find themselves in need. Included in his motion was the idea to name the committee Micahcare in honor of Micah Bialy, a Tennessee Walking Horse Youth Association member who recently lost his battle with cancer. The motion carried unanimously.

About Micah

Born October 3, 1998, to Darin and Lisa Bialy of Elizabeth, Colorado, Micah Bialy grew up around horses. He enjoyed trail riding, showing and participating in parades. Micah liked nothing more than spending time with his family’s Tennessee Walking Horses and he seemed to have a special touch when it came to communicating with his equine companions. He was a very talented and caring young equestrian.

On October 27, 2010, Micah was diagnosed with a deadly medullablastoma (a brain tumor located near the brain stem). He was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado where he immediately performed surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery was a success and, after a month spent in the hospital recovering, he began two months of radiation treatments followed by chemotherapy.

Micah, being the horse-crazy kid that he was, couldn’t wait to get back out to the barn. Upon his return, the horses welcomed him enthusiastically with one mare embracing every opportunity to lick his head and a young filly consistently burying her head in his chest.

A visit to Children’s Hospital on January 27, 2012 brought the hopeful news that Micah’s cancer was in remission. His port was surgically removed and he was ready to return to the saddle.

The very next day, January 28, he received a very special surprise visit from then TWHBEA President Marty Irby and his friend Cindy Day. Marty presented Micah with the book Tennessee Walking Horse: An American Tradition and shared with him some of his  own horse experiences over the years. Marty was very touched by Micah’s spirit and resilience as well as his love for not only the Tennessee Walking Horse but for all horses.

Sadly, Micah’s cancer returned later in 2012. He fought valiantly but ultimately he lost the battle. Micah was called home on November 8, 2012, leaving behind his parents and brothers Brandon, Brock and Levi.

A dedicated young horseman with a huge heart, Micah was a credit to our breed and to all horses. He is greatly missed by all who knew him or knew of him.

 Micah Care Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the Micahcare Committee to provide encouragement, a little cheer and sunshine to TWHBEA Members, and their families, when expected and some unexpected events may cause interruptions to their daily living.

It is Micahcare’s purpose in form of small tokens of acknowledgement to let them know that TWHBEA cares. We want to recognize our sick, shut in, injured, or passing, however, we also acknowledge celebratory events such as graduations, weddings, births, promotions.

A little sunshine goes a long way and sometimes can make a difference.


Micahcare is run and operated by donations.

Not one penny comes from any part of TWHBEA.

The Program depends on your tax-free donation. Not one penny is spent on salaries, or administration. 100% goes towards Micahcare.

Make payments to the Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation.

If you do not have a PayPal account it is very easy, and free all you need your email address.

We also can accept checks or money orders. Please make them out to the Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation and send to P.O. Box 286, Lewisburg, TN 37091

Thank you for your donation


A letter from a couple served by Micahcare;

Dear Mr. Jackson,                               12/03/2013

       We want to thank you and the Micahcare program for your help and concern. The gift cards you sent us are being used to fill the gas tank so we can travel to and from treatment. 

        When we were both diagnosed with advanced and aggressive cancers this past spring just two days apart we were devastated, our first thought was how are we going to get through this. We are usually financially independent, but at this time we had used all of our assets to rebuild after a tornado destroyed our farm just the year before.

        While we were doing the rebuild we were thinking the exhaustion we were experiencing was due to the heat and long hours that we were working. Finding out differently was a hard blow.

         We feel blessed that there are people out there that care and are willing to help. We have been responsible horse owners and members of TWHBEA for many years. We own, ride, breed and show Tennessee Walking Horses and hope to continue to do so in future years.    

           Again, thank you for your assistance when it was desperately needed and thank you for caring about people you haven’t even met.  


Debora and Rod Elrod


So for me, I believe with all my heart, this young man and God got together looked all-around and said;

“There! Him, right there! Nathanael will carry it forth!”

Most assuredly I would have more than likely been quiet about this cancer I now have, but through Micah, many are been helped through paying attention.

Each family touched by this shall carry with them a little piece of Micah as he too, blesses your lives, ~~~~ this boy is gonna out live all of us throughout time!


One thought on “March 2, 2014 ~ MICAHCARE

  1. Lisa Bialy says:

    God continues to blow my mind…when I see how He has used Micah and continues to use Micah to bring glory to His name! May God continue to bless you and strengthen you during this trial you are going through. The battle belongs to the Lord!!

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