March 8, 2015 ~ It’s Worse Than WE Thought

Had two appts this week, one with the Genitourinary Resident at Nashville, quick, short, I know I can’t get nothing really done here as they change residents every 3 or 4 months.

But the appt I was waitin for was with my primary GU MD ~ Dr. Derrick Mobley at Murfreesboro VA.

Jennie, Natalie & Rainy (What I call Josephine) loaded up and headed out. Had some labs drawn my PSA is up 1.46ng/ml from 0.21ng/ml 3 months ago, which means my Testosterone is still on the rise.

First thing he said was “I’m worried about you!”

You see, I was suppose to take my 6 months dose of Eligard a couple days before, but I refused, now I am on NO cancer Meds from doctors.
He went on to explain something that had not been done before.

He said my biopsy of my prostate showed two patterns of cancer which came out to be 4 + 4 = 8 on the Gleeson Scale, which basically tells you how aggressive your cancer is.

But what he went on to say is that I had AN EXTRA set of patterns called Tertiary which came out to be a 5! So I have a 13 Glesson Score….

He said he had never seen a cancer come out right away and attack the ribs like it did mine, he said I have a very aggressive and moving cancer of which we do not know what is feeding it…the Eligard took the testosterone down, but not to “Undetectable” levels, so some is still feeding the cancer…

BUT, there is something else driving it which we do no know what….so we are trying to isolate what it is through diet, herbs, Cannabis Oil Protocols.

We realized, cuz we asked him how does cancer itself kill a person?….He said that almost everyone dies from secondary problems, the Chemo kills all cells good and bad and if one does not have the immune system to fight back to health, then pneumonia stets in or something else that kills the person.

He said if bone cancer was to kill you, it would take up all the bone marrow and deprive you of oxygen and basically you suffocate.

THIS I believe! ~~~~~ If not for my family, a couple folks on some groups that are taking care of me AND all the Prayers that have and are goin up in my name~~~ I truly believe from what he told me about this cancer I have, I would be on my last leg or dead right now!

It’s been 16 months ago since diagnosis, I believe this Jerry is mean and evil and really wants to kill me ~~~` but so far we’ve kept it at bay.

My BIG day is comin June 17th, I go back in for a rescan of my body to see what the cancer activity is and where it is, I also am redoing the bone Dexi-Scan to measure the thickness of my bones.

2 thoughts on “March 8, 2015 ~ It’s Worse Than WE Thought

  1. Marilyn Herb says:

    Praying for you every night Nathan, keep on fighting and know that we are all ringing God’s ears off in your behalf.

  2. Barbara from NJ says:

    You’ve got this!! Keep fighting and you will win. I saw your story on Phoenix Tears FB site.

    I want to also share a story privately about a clinical trial.. no chemo no radiation but interesting stuff.

    Sending all healing prayers your way!!


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