May 5, 2016 ~ It’s Growing and Spreading

It was that time again to check in and see how things were going, I knew in my gut that things were not gonna be the best, my supply of Rick Simpson Oil was becoming scarce for me, my source was drying up, so I had to try to stretch the oil I had by reducing the dose and frequency about 6 months ago.

So I checked in at the VA for a Whole Body Bone Scan, CT of the Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis, and a Bone Scintigraphy, all with and without contrast.


COMPARISON: Bone scintigraphy 10/27/15

FINDINGS: There is been marked progression of disease. There are
multiple foci involving the spine, ribs, skull, pelvis, and left
hip. In particular, there is marked disease around the sacroiliac
joints. At this time, there is no uptake in the central portion
of the sacrum to suggest an insufficiency fracture. Both kidneys
and the bladder appear normal.

Progressive extensive osseous metastases. Extensive disease in
the spine, such as the T11 vertebral body, and in the sacroiliac
joints place the patient at risk for pathologic fracture.

Oct 2015~1Oct 2015~2
             Films from October 2015
April 2016~1April 2016~2
                Films from April 2016

So we now find ourselves having to incorporate more Traditional Treatments. So we are on “Casodex” Bicultamide, in preparation to start back on the “Eligard” leuprolide acetate,¬† reduces levels of testosterone which is the gasoline that drives the cancer and Casodex is used to treat prostate cancer.

My Oncologist tells me that many patients on this Hormone Reduction Therapy live quality lives for years without ever having to take anything else, i.e. Chemo or Radiation, if my PSA responds and goes down to much more acceptable levels.

My last PSA in Feb was 147ng/ml, now after being on the Casodex for about 2 weeks, my PSA has responded and gone  down to 58ng/ml

My next visit is to visit Dr. Jonas Sidyrs my Radiation Oncologist to discuss my options there.

One thought on “May 5, 2016 ~ It’s Growing and Spreading

  1. David Graham says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you friend. Perhaps our paths will cross again at the Cancer Center when we’re both there for treatments. I wish you well.

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