May 26, 2016 ~ Time To Radiate *Sigh*

We’ve reached the point where we need to incorporate more traditional treatments for this spreading cancer.

Last report stated that I had a couple hot spots of real concern, T-11’s cancer had spread transversely across the vertebrae, put me at extreme risk of pathological fracture, the same is occurring in my Sacroiliac Joints Bilaterally.

So the recommended treatment is to “Spot Weld” them with radiation, 10 treatments of 30 gray. I am told by treating the cancer in these spots, not only will it kill the cancer but stimulate new bone growth.

My Radiology Oncologist Dr. Jonas Sidyrs explained things this way to me and Natalie, the dosage is very small, and the residual left over from going through the cancer is negligible and he found angles that would reduce the need to go through my organs as much as possible.

Have tried to stay away from radiation and chemo for as long as possible, this now going on 6 years. I’ll update how the treatments go and how it makes me feel.

Finished the 10 treatments, other than an occasional skin irritation at the spot of entry, I felt okay, thee first couple days I didn’t feel tired, but just my body said rest.

I continue to take the 7.5mg Eligard SQ monthly in my abdomen to lower my testosterone to stop and hopefully kill much of it.

Feelin GREAT, Blessed and Highly Favored!!!

One thought on “May 26, 2016 ~ Time To Radiate *Sigh*

  1. David Graham says:

    Did the radiation lower your PSA#? Just finished 10 radiation treatments and my PSA is still rising – up to 28. The radiation did relieve the pain I was experiencing in my pelvic area which made walking very uncomfortable. Don’t know what’s next.

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