November 14 -17, 2013 (Retreat Treat)

Jennie and I took off on a early 30 year wedding anniversary weekend to our favorite spot Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our 30 year anniversary is December 10, 2013 We love this place, the kids the year before purchased us tickets to several of the attractions there, we were able to get a couple of them in and had a year to take advantage of the rest ~~~ so we took off~~~ what an absolutely WONDERFUL time we had ~~~ we laughed, got sad, and loved and supported each other ~~~ here she was when I went into depression and said gloom and doom stuff ~~~ would say, “you’re gonna live another 30 years!”

I so love this lady~~~~

Ruby Falls1  My and my best gurl in front of Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee

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