November 18, 2013 (CT Scan Guided Biopsy of the Left 7th Rib)

We checked out of the motel in Chattanooga, TN and drove to the Nashville, VA.

Jennie and I reported to the Same Day Surgery Ward in Nashville for a CT Scan Guided Biopsy of the left 7th rib.

They admitted me, Brenda Ward RN started an IV in me, she was sweet and we talked about my nursing career, she was a class act.

I shared the room with another dude who just returned from whatever procedure he had, his family sat with him, we did not talk.

Time came when they were ready for me, another nurse came in and started to wheel me out, I said “I want my wife to go with me to talk with the doctor,” now this woman said “Oh, she can’t do that, there’s nowhere for her to sit” I said “Bullshit, she can go with me and I have a right for my wife to hear what was going on! Don’t give me that crap! I know better than that!”

I was not in no mood for any mess ~~~ I was scared, and messin with scared people sometimes can get you snapped at.

She didn’t’ say anything else just sour-pussed her face up, then a transport ambassador came and wheeled us down to the same CT Department I had been at before.

I told the nurse “I want to talk to the doctor and wanted my wife in there with me” …she said “No problem!” Jennie went into the room with me….

Phillip McGuire MD came into the room and introduced himself and told us what was to happen.

He said they were going to give me some pain meds, Fentanyl IV. He said he was going to numb up the site with some lidocaine injectable, then he was going to insert a trocar and inject some more lidocaine, and he was going to guide the needle down a ways, then they were going to insert me into the CT Scanner and go look and see where the needle was, and keep doing that until he got to the spot, he wanted to be.

They sent Jennie to the waiting room right outside the door.

He said he had to go in from the top and slide down trying to avoid nicking the lung and causing a pneumothorax infiltration. He said “Now, this is going to hurt, and you will not want to come and see me tomorrow, but try to hold still!” “Put your arms above your head please”

After going in and out about three times he was where he wanted to be, I told them I did not feel the pain meds, I would rather have been knocked out, I just had this feelin this was gonna be more than what he said. He said “We don’t like to do that because of the recovery and possible extra complications, so they gave me some more fentanyl.

He said “Okay, I am where I want to be, so you are going to feel me pushing into the bone, and then I am going to drill a little bit of it out, try to hold still.”

Told me to take a deep breath and hold it ~~~ he pushed “I SCREAMED AS I FELT PAIN LIKE I HAD NEVER!” Jackie Thompson RN took a hold of my hand and squeezed it and held my arms in place ~~~

Dr. McGuire then said “Okay, I am going to drill now” I never ever felt anything like that EVER!!!!

I screamed so loud it emptied the waiting room outside and I was not ashamed of it! That sucka hurt!

Fig 1 – 4 I am laying on my back, you are looking down from my head (These filmed are flipped and the procedure is actually on the Lt side

Rt Side CT Guided  Scan1 Lt Side CT Guided  Scan2  CT Guided  Scan3

CT Guided  Scan4

This sequence shows the needle on the right shown as a white bullet tip being inserted and guided to the rib, where he drills into it for a sample…

They wheeled me over to regular x-ray for a x-ray of the lungs to make sure they did not get punctured, causing a pneumothorax.

NOW, the stupid pain meds kicked in! they wheeled me back to my room to recover, I fell asleep and Jennie went somewhere, I think to go get some coffee. A couple hours later they brought me a little lunch, then removed the IV and discharged me.

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