November 26, 2015 ~ 2 Year Anniversary Post Diagnosis

This day 2 years ago I was given the diagnosis of Adeniocarcinoma, Prostate Cancer with Metastases to 7th Lt Rib.

Got a new Oncologist Kristen Ancell MD really neat young lady, open to being a partner in my decisions, and encouraging yet, firmly supportive.

She asked me what it was that the VA could do to help me, well, at this time, just provide me with test to be able to keep an watchful eye on Jerry to see what he was or was not doin.

veterans-vote-us-senate-medical-marijuanaU.S. Senate Votes in Favor of Veterans Using Medical Marijuana

So I got scheduled for a Chest, Abdomen and Pelvic CT Scan and a NU Whole Body Bone Scan on the same day.

Pretty much a all day thang, drove to Nashville and got er done.

Now I was blessed at the last scan to have a really neat Radiologist name Kurt Doggwiler, MD to be reading my scans.

So Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvic all clear, all looked in great shape and now signs of Jerry invading any of them.

Bone Scan said that in all of my previously identified metastases “They remain unchanged” from last scan of June 2015, and that was unchanged from Dec of 2014.

He identified a few of them with “Less Intensity” which I understood it to mean them were “Less Bright” on the scan which meant “Less Activity”

However the downside was that there were 2 new metastases one on T-11 and the other in the Sacroiliac Joint.

My PSA is now 58ng/ml up from 21ng/ml 3 months ago.

So we are gonna watch and see on this until Jan 5th, 2016, they want to  further discussion on going back on the Hormone Reduction Therapy.

So what’s my take on all of this?

November 18, 2013 was when they took the bone biopsy of my 7 the left Rib to later diagnose Stage IV Adeniocarcinoma.

We backtracked it down to as they say in system restore on my puter “The last time it worked properly” which meant, my last good PSA.

That was 2 years before official diagnosis.

They started me on all their prostate and bladder control meds, strong narcotic pain meds for the bone pain I had, the hormone replacement therapy to stop the driving engine of the cancer; Testosterone.

They wanted me  to take radiation treatments followed by Chemotherapy.

By the grace and providence of God he got me into my daughter Natalie’s hands within a couple months of diagnosis.

The Natural Path, God, through her, got me on has proven to be nothing less than life saving, for me.

I have never been opposed to “working with tradition medicine” along with natural medicine, but I would only want to use it as an “Adjunct” to natural being first.

What I have come to understand about my particular disease and situation.I have Stage IV Adeniocarcinoma, going on now estimate bout 4 years.

I prioritize by importance of what I think that has worked FOR ME

Natheskate99 Protocol

  • BioGeometricIntergration (BGI) Chiropractic Work

Rational: If you drive an automobile, as much as we hate to spend money to do it, we know we HAVE to get out vehicles REALIGNED., the potholes, running over curbs, worn bad springs.  If we do not keep our vehicle going down the road straight ON ALL AXIS’ we end up paying the consequences for our negligence and avoidance, worn tires, worn bearings, and joints, rough, dangerous turning and steering, endangering God knows how many.

So as routinely as we can afford we align our vehicles, 3 primary adjustments; camber, caster and toe. and these Secondary adjustments;

  • SAI (Steering Axis Inclination) (left & right)
  • Included angle (left & right)
  • Toe out on turns (left & right)
  • Maximum Turns (left & right)
  • Toe curve change (left & right)
  • Track width difference
  • Wheelbase difference
  • Front ride height (left & right)
  • Rear ride height (left & right)
  • Frame angle
  • Setback (front & rear)

THIS just to keep our car going down the dag-gum road straight!

Then Riddle Me This!

What makes us think that we could have lived as long as we have with all the falls, bumps, knock downs, fall down, stomped on and wacked wracked on, banged on, Whew! I could go on and on! things that our body has endured since birth and few even intrauterine and we have very seldom if ever


There is not a Cell in our bodies that does not get its information on what to do or not to do from a nerve impulse, and all nerves impulses travel along the nervous system of neuron-pathways starting and exiting our head  traveling along our spinal cord, protected and supported by the Spinal Cord and Spine.


Put your foot or squeeze on a garden hose, hold it there, what happens?


No difference if a bone gets out of alignment, by injury or a muscle, tendon strain or pull, so that once free flowing conduit of messages from your brain to and from every cell in the body is now “pinched,” allowing all kinds of interruptions to the places of destinations.

I feel God made out bodies perfect, in that it can and does take of itself, yes, we must assist organs to do their jobs, but the Liver knows what its suppose to do just as the kidneys, and so on.

But what if the Liver or Kidney got only part of the message to do its job, cuz, they do not work without direct, proper orders!

When they do not get the proper orders of what to do or not to do, there’s where we get Dis-Ease.

I go to



  • Organ and System Cleanses

The number one item at the top of the list is to cleanse our bodies of Parasites!

We know that we must routinely de-worm our domesticated animals, cats, dogs, horses, WHY? If we do not all-kinds of Dis-Ease happens all the way to death.

Parasites get transferred to us human by mere contact, walking the ground, floating around through the air, but how often do we cleanse ourselves.

I strongly recommend you educate yourself here:

I now come to believe that these steps alone are the gateway to any and all  cures.


We also use alot of this fellas products

Bulletproof Power Mind Body

I take many different Nutraceuticals for various reason and effects;

  • Megachel (Natural Sunshine)
  • Bone Strength Growth Factor S (Garden Of Life)
  • Raw Calcium (Garden of Life) 
  • Probiotics
  • Liver Support (Organic India)
  • Kidney & Bladder Support
  • Natural SleepX (Natural SleepX )
  • Graviola (Nature’s Way)
  • Xentivan (Sigma Bioresearch)
  • Triflexin (Accera Therapeutics)
  • Candida Cleanse (Purely Holistic)
  • Liver/Kidney (Organic India)
  • Chamomile Flower (Nature’s Way)
  • Dandelion Root (Nature’s Way)
  • Activated Charcoal (
  • Epsom Salt Baths ($1.00/pound at Dollar Tree)

I placed the specific companies we get these from, we have found through exhaustive research that not all quality is the same, we feel these are the best to date.


Through trial and error we have come to understand the significant role of RSO in conjunction with the rest of our protocol.

While many types and progressions of various cancers respond very well to RSO in being completely cured. I am finding that this cancer in my bones is dug in like a tick in a hound dog.

So our thinking is this,


So we are aiding and assisting the organs to perform at their optimal, getting all my organs as healthy as possible in order for them to do the job they are designed to do.

I feel that the RSO greatly helps my body reconditions and rebuilds EVERYTHING so that it can heal itself

So how do I feel?

The cancer being in Thoracic 10 and thoracic 11 thoraco-abdominal nerves (or thoracicoabdominal intercostal nerves)

  • T10 – Adrenal Cortex, Appendix, Kidneys, Large Intestine, Ovaries, Pancreas, Spleen, Testes, Uterus
  • T11 – Adrenal Cortex, Adrenal Medulla, Ileocecal Valve, Kidneys, Large Intestine, Ovaries, Ureters, Urinary Bladder, Uterus

What I experience from this is decreased appetite which at times upsets my gut and I have lost about 90 pounds.

That right there is the only way you can look at me and tell I have cancer


I do not have any deep bone pain I used to constantly experience, I do not get up 7-8 times a night to pee, or weak bladder during the day, no more man pads, I get an occasional Polycystitis Kidney Stone attack, which is greatly relieved and most times removed by Epsom Salt Baths, which tells me it is not the cancer.

I have much to be thankful for and I am

Thank you for your support



One thought on “November 26, 2015 ~ 2 Year Anniversary Post Diagnosis

  1. David Graham says:

    Hi Nate. Just updated myself on your most interesting journey. First of all, I am very glad your heart procedure went well and that is behind you. I pray with your increasing PSA you are able to keep the cancer at bay with your chosen path of comprehensive treatments. My Nov PSA was 26.1 and I started chemotherapy shortly thereafter at the Dr.’s recommendation. Have had 2 (of 13 weekly) treatments, and so far, so good. Side effects have been minimal. Have been off hormone treatments for several months now and have to say how much better that feels. I wish you well my friend and wanted to let you know the group still thinks and asks about you. Take care.

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