November 27, 2013 (Prognosis)

The day before Thanksgiving, Jennie and I traveled to Murfreesboro to my main urologist Dr. Mobley ~~

Jen_VA1         Jen_VA2

Turned around and snapped this of Jen There’s my gurlfriend

This is the first time he met Jennie, they hit it off like I knew they would~~~ he told me the results of the rib biopsy, ~~~ it was cancerous~~~ Now, I knew from being a RN that this was not good at all….

He told me again! “Its gonna be alright!” he pulled up some dude’s chart, blocking out his personal information and showed me just his PSA graph, this dude had a 499ng/ml PSA, then you see the graph drop down to nothing~~~ after the HRT, he said this was in 2005 and dude is still kickin.

He asked “What did you do to them over there at Nashville?” I asked “What do you mean?”~~~ he turned and pulled up my chart on the computer and showed us what Dr. Tang had written in the notes;

“Extreme PTSD, Approach With Caution!” we all laughed, he said “You scared them up there, but I know you!” I asked him if he had seen the Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis movie “RED?” he said ”No” I said when you do think about me “Retired Extremely Dangerous “It lightened up the situation,

Then he explained to us about the treatment they were proposing.

He said “Things have changed so much within the last 2-3 years, where they used to do surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, they now use Hormone Reduction Therapy, ~~~I had never heard of it…

What this was is a 3 month injection into the subcutaneous tissues of the abdomen Eligard 22.5mg ( I was told this injection cost $2,000.00).

What this does is stop the production of testosterone, where they used to go in and physically castrate a dude, they now do it chemically. Explaining how the Testosterone is like gasoline on a wildfire to any cancer in a man, they want to now put it to sleep, and after about 2 years stop the treatment and see what the cancer does, cuz if they do not, the cancer becomes used to it and mutates into something else.

I told you in 1998 my father succumbed to prostate cancer, I flew up to Washington to be with him while he was going to get surgery to get a Transurethal Resection of the Prostate (TURP) and to remove the prostate, Castration, to remove the testicles.

Daddy My Daddy Rev. George Jackson

I supported him to take the surgery, and he was going to until one of the church mothers called him to tell him they were praying for him and his surgery.

He said to me, “I ain’t gonna be known as the “Ball-less one” He refused the surgery ~~~ it is this that took his life! ~~~Pride! Here he is 79 something years old, his sex life being over for many years, he wanted to go to his grave intact. ~~~

In regards to me ~~~I told my doctor “Cut them suckas off!” ~~~ he said “It was too late” since the cancer has left the envelope of the prostate, it is now in the blood stream floating around looking for somewhere to attach itself to.

“How about the Radioactive Seeds they place in the prostate?”!!! Not an option, “How about Cryo therapy (freezing the prostate)”. ~~~ Not a first course option.

“Well, what about Radiation?” No, that also was not a treatment option, although they had scheduled me to go see an out-of-the system local Cancer Radiologist

~~~”Well, let’s cut the rib out!”

That too was not an option as he said that would just open up the possibility of it actually spreading even more~~~

DANG!!! All of the traditional treatment I knew about were out ~~~ things had changed that much, my brother Marvin who passed some 3 years ago, did not have the hormone options, they were not out then.

Marvin_Renata Marvin and Renata Resturant_2 Resturant_1with Dodah

I asked about the morbidity rate of the drug they prescribed to me, they said we do not know, we have not enough studies or information about it!

They prescribed “ELIGARD” 22.5mg subcutaneously every 3 months. ~~~~

Projected side effects of this drug; Hot Flashes/sweats, fatigue, testicular atrophy; (is a medical term for what basically amounts to shrinking or shriveling testicles.)~~~ Decreased bone density (they have scheduled me for a Bone Density Test) decreased libido, impotency ~~~

As of this date I am asymptomatic ( without symptoms)

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