November 28, 2013 (Much To Be Thankful For)

Its now Thanksgivings ~~~ our home was filled with family and friends, even though Natalie and her family had just left us to their new home in Newton, Iowa, I called and ask her if her car was in good of enough shape to make the trip  I would pay for gas if they came down.

To my pleasant surprise she said “yeaa!” and they showed up.


Family Thanksgiving 2013  IMG_17890583504804(1)



Not long ago it was “Gangum Style” Jackson has just discovered Michael Jackson and this was what it led too. Jeremiah and his girlfriend Jessica…were truly missed ~

The activity in my mind, that this could be my last thanksgivings ~~~ I said I was thinking like this, it is something that you cannot block out ~~~ now, you don’t have to buy into it!, but the enemy that ol’ Devil, will fill you head with all his mess!

Can’t make it stop, the mind from trying to process all of this ~~` keep up a good face and spirits ~~~ and cherish every moment. 

One thought on “November 28, 2013 (Much To Be Thankful For)

  1. Natalie says:

    But when You called and said those 4 magic words I heard once before in Sept of ’99….

    “Nanny… I need you.” I immediately started packing & We drove the 12 hours overnight from up North and came to Thanksgiving

    and turned the day around!
    Nanny to the “Pick me up” Rescue!!

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