September 6, 2015 ~ Now, Why Don’t He Write?

Well it’s been about 3 months since my last big visit to the doctors and getting body & bone scans.
Was so happy at those results that I have been “Rearranging” my outlook for my future.
Jennie and I took off to do a Horse Training Clinic Barnstorming Tour at the end of July continuing  through November, hitting Colorado, Utah, California Washington, Montana, Massachusetts and finally Georgia. I drove a total of 8200 miles so far.
Health and physical wise I did great, no pain, my weight fluctuates between 190 and 200 pounds, and they say my idea weight is 185 pounds for my height.
I truly believe our concept of protecting my organs and keeping my immune system with Nutritional Supplements and my Bio Geometric Integration (BGI) Chiropractic treatments is paramount in my treatment and I feel its working.
Natalie has enrolled and is attending a Registered Massage Class of which she is applying to everyone here. Her next endeavor is Doctor of Osteopath with specialties’.
I so hope any who are dealin ~~~ are finding success in their treatment modalities.
Again thank you all for your prayers and support,

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