October 30, 2014 ~ “How Ya Really Doin Nate?”

How ya doin Nate?

I, some days hear this asked  several times, my answer is an honest “I feel great!” I do not have the hip pain I had in the past, the hot flashes are all but gone, my quality of life is the best, I have my family around me and I am very happy, feeling blessed and highly favored!

This coming November will be one year since they told me bout this cancer thang!~

 I get despondent as I travel around the internet and see people, some of them friends who are going through some type of Cancer or Disease who are still solely relying on what the medical professional is dishing out, I wish I could hollar at everyone to TRY something else.

“So what’s goin on with you Nate?”

I can only report on what I feel or do not feel. A few weeks ago, my right hip really hurt, without provocation, from the tumors spread around my pelvic and spine area.

It would be pain that would be a 6 – 7 on a scale of 1 -10. I was on Morphine pills 3 times a day with Oxycontin for pain spikes ~ I got up at least 6 times a night to relieve my bladder, I woke up a least 4 -5 time a night with hot flashes and would have several bouts of “Flame On!” throughout the day.

Losing the above symptoms after starting my Rick Simpson Oil ~ I feel just fine actually, better than usual because of all the things my family & friends has me doing. I no longer take any pain meds, I stopped carrying my “Flame On Fan” with me because of no more hot flashes.

Remission? “A decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer” They kill the tumor locally with radiation, then poison the rest of the body in an attempt to kill the cancer cells coursing through the blood stream, ~  think! ~ It kills good cells too!

But the cancer is still coursing through your blood and most likely will return with a two-headed vengeance.


“1. Restoration of health; recovery from disease. 2. A method or course of medical treatment used to restore health. 3. An agent, such as a drug, that restores health; a remedy.
4. Something that corrects or relieves a harmful or disturbing situation:” Complete removal of the disease from the entire body, its gone! No More! You’re cured!
Too early for me to claim either one, but I am leaning towards being “Cured”
But how do I feel today?

 ~ I feel great!

The God I serve is a mighty God and as The Three Hebrew Boys said;
“”If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king. “But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.”
I am saying “My God is able to cure me of this cancer and more, but if He chooses not to, yet, will I yet serve Him.
As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!

2 thoughts on “October 30, 2014 ~ “How Ya Really Doin Nate?”

  1. Mary Russell says:

    I’m so glad that your pain is gone and that you are enjoying life! God has and will continue to be faithful to you, as you and your family have been to Him in the past. Enjoy the flow of His life within you, knowing that the fight belongs to Him and He has the victory.

  2. Debbie Gamble says:

    Sending praises, prayers and white light to you, Nate. How wonderful that you are feeling better!!

    Our God is an awesome God!

    Luv and huggz to you and yours.

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