October 18, 2013 (1st Round of Test)

I had my son Jeremiah drive with me to Nashville for the procedure; Transrectal Prostate Ultrasound Biospy. (They told me to bring a driver or they would not do the procedure.)

Trans Rectal Biopsy


My doctor there was a young man named Dominic Tang, he explained to me that what we were going to do was snagged samples of all the sectors of my prostate in order to test to see exactly what was going on and where.

We went to a procedure room where he had me lay on my left side with my butt at the edge of the table, knees to chest,fetal position.

He then explained that he was going to rub some lidocaine topical gel anesthetics around my anus, then he was going to insert a probe into my anus and when he got to the prostate he would inject some lidocaine into the anus wall between the prostate and rectum to numb the area he was going to punch through to.

It was a sting I did not particularity like as this was a new sensation. He then inserted the probe and I could hear an audible clicks as he clipped specimens from 6 different areas of the prostate.

Cleaned me up and said that I might experience a little blood in my stool, urine and/or semen for a few says.

All the anesthetics started wearing off about half the way home of the 120 mile trip. It hurt!

Now it was a wait and see ~~~

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