October 8, 2014 ~ Jerry Takes A Hit!

What a up and down month!

My oncologist had scheduled a standing follow up appt with me after radiation, yeah, the radiation I decided NOT to take.

I was scheduled for Oct 1, 2014, but for the longest time I had it in my mind it was to be the 2nd.

So Natalie and I drove to the appt! On the wrong day.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Natalie and her family has temporarily moved back home to have the baby in December, WHOO HOO! and to take care of her Ol’ Man.

Well, I missed the appt and was scheduled to return on Oct 8, 2014.

But I did go ahead and have my blood drawn to check my PSA Serum Level.

I checked the results online a couple days later and my PSA was now at 1.75ng/ml from 42 days ago!

1.75ng/ml !!!!


1.75 10/2014
8.08 8/2014
4.55 5/2014
4.97 2/14
10.6 1/14
16.2 8/2013
6.2 4/2013

This is down from a spike of 8.08 ng/ml which had risen from 4/5ng/ml 3 months prior.

This is the expected results of the Casodex, they put me on at that time, this interrupts the testosterone receptor signal that tells Jerry to grow and move.

But this is short term, only believed to last 3 to 4 months before the PSA begins to rise again.

Now, when I say I know that “God Walks With Me, and I am Highly Favored with Him!” I get “Confirmations” of that all the time.

While waiting for my Oct 8th appt ~ on Sunday Oct 5, 2014 ~ CBS 60 Minutes aired a segment called “THE COST OF CANCER DRUGS”

The Cost Of Cancer Drugs



You remember at the front end of this blog of mine I said that I would be relating my personal journey with Prostate Cancer, meaning, some of the rants you hear here are related to my specific disease, but mingled in there is also global truth and facts that go across the board in all fights against cancer.

You know when you get that gut feelin that “Clicks!” from something you experienced years ago, and now it all become clear?

I worked many times as an Registered Nurse on oncology wards, I administered chemotherapy, took care of patient before and after radiation and surgery.

I DISTINCTLY  remember the drug reps, ~ good lookin women, cheerleader type, of the college and professional levels, charming, professional,  and persuasive ~ that

frequented the wards, courting the doctors, bringing us nurses breakfasts, lunches, snacks, pens, neat nursing tools, clothing, ~ expensive stuff!


This is what the drug companies, and the doctors do not want us to know. (The 60 Minutes Expose)

Walk into your doctor’s office, now look at all the neat laminated charts on the walls, all the neat little models of all the body parts they show you, ~ now put on your REAL

glasses, not the ones with the pretty rose tint,  now look at-WHO makes all those things, you think the doctor paid to have them from a reputable medical college?

DRUG REPS! When you look at this 60 Minutes segment and start just putting things together, why of all the drugs out there are your doctors recommending a particular one to


It may be the best drug for your situation, I’m not saying that what they prescribe to you is wrong , ~ I just sayin!


I signed up to be place on a Prostate Cancer Clinical Drug Trial Database.

I was a pretty good candidate for 150 ~ 150!!!

150 Prostate Cancer Clinical Drug Trials! think of all the other cancer clinical drug trials going on for all the other cancers!

They all want a piece us!

Did a little checkin ~ Monsanto Agriculture manufactured and distributed along with Dow Chemicals the defoliant agent called AGENT ORANGE

You may better recognize Monsanto’s most well known product ~ RAID

Well Monsanto ALSO shell companies many of these drug manufacturing


I asked my oncologist if she watched the 60 Minutes Segment, she kinda hemmed and hawed saying no but she heard about it, ~~~~ truthfully?

I do not believe any oncologist in the USA  DID NOT watch it live or online.

This was a bomb shell! I asked her if she prescribed the drug  ZALTRAP (Drug profiled on 60 Minutes) she very quickly and dramatically changed her

facial expression and said an emphatically NO!? She very well could be telling me the truth, however, medical degrees do not make them impervious to being perceived as lying.

I said, “Man, when you do watch it I sure do hope you are NOT one of those doctors they talk about on it!”

I dropped that subject at that point, she asked me why I did not take the radiation, I told her that since radiation is palliative for relieving pain, and the radiologist did not really

feel I was a prime candidate for the procedure since I told him at that time I was relatively pain-free, I then proceeded to tell her that I wanted to clear the air and come clean

about our last visit when I told her I was having pain in order to be prescribed appropriate pain adjunct. I told her that up to that point I did not feel she was listening to me

when I told her about my pain, and that I had to go to an outside doctor to get an MRI to ascertain why I would be having that kind of local pain. Then when that MRI did come

back showing that Jerry had Metz to my hip and spine. I told her I wanted a clear and honest relationship with her and please listen to me in the future, I told her that I had not

used but a couple of the pills, because I was at the time pain free, but I did not want to be at a point when something happened and I started experiencing significant pain and be

without anything for it!

I asked what she could tell me about “Avascular Necrosis” the side effect of bone radiation which occurs a while after radiation. She told me that she her self have not seen many

of  these because it occurs some time later and that most die before developing it. WOW! So then I asked about the Tiny Cracks called “Pelvic Insufficiency Fractures” she gave

me the same response for this as for “Avascular Necrosis” 

We moved on, I asked Natalie if she had anything (smirk) Nat asked about Estrogen Levels, she had researched stating that studies done showed at autopsy men had an

significant hormonal imbalance with increased estrogen Levels.

Well, long story short, she did not want to order the test because she said “What would I do with the results?” We said; “Do nothing with it, we want to know where I was in my

balance so we could adjust my nutrition and supplements to effect a more balanced level.

She finally ordered the test.

She stated that my cancer was a particularly aggressive kind, and that expectations are that it will metz to my liver, lungs or other Organs.

Lawd Jesus, hep me today!

Well, Natalie has a very aggressive program going for me. We traveled up to The Amish again and went into Mountain Air Herbs  (They ship)

Mtn Air1 Mtn Air2

What we are trying to do is get this 64 year old body reconditioned, repaired from years of abuse to operate on its own as best as it can to fight as they were designed to do

So, I have taken that first step out of the boat onto the water, real scarey to turn down the traditional treatments and to put your trust in God and what He has gifted us all ~ but He and I have done this a time or two before ~~

Yes, I am fortunate that The VA will cover my treatment, but I see just how expensive cancer treatment can be and my mission now is to tell all that will listen about alternative


I was a little disappointed a few days ago, I posted on a friends facebook page who is going through cancer, at the chemo level she is, I told her of the 60 Minutes Special, and of Rick Simpson Oil

There was no comments or likes, I was dumbfounded, then I received a comforting reassurance from God that said;

“Nate, you just tell them, not everyone will hear you, they did not listen to Noah when they had a chance to get on the Ark, nor the many times I would reach out to them through my Prophets, just look at how many reject My call for Salvation, don’t fret if they do not listen to you, you just do as I tell you and tell them, I’ll take it from there!”

I am scheduled to check back in with her in 3 months ~

One thought on “October 8, 2014 ~ Jerry Takes A Hit!

  1. Marilyn Herb says:

    Hey there Nathan, I seem to be A- ok after my little battle with endometrial cancer last year. 1 year check up is all systems clear but I am with you that the Dr’s have a plan in mind and they really do not want to hear you say different. They wanted me to do chemo and radiation and after lots of research I saId no to chemo and they treated me like ten kinds of fool. Had three very localized radiation treatments and seem to have no ill effects so far. I did not see your program but I know the drug companies are making a killing off cancer drugs and it just does not make sense that if God made our world and our bodies, he would also make natural things to heal them. You hang in there and do not let them fill you up with chemicals when something from God’s world will do the job.
    Praying for you nightly,

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