September 24, 2015 ~ SAY WHAT!?! A HEART ATTACK!!!!!

Was doin some heavy lifting around the place and pulled what I thought were my left shoulder and chest muscles. At the same time this was goin on, I am scheduled to go have some teeth worked on and pulled at the end of the month, so a aching toothache on my left side I thought was just part of the reason they had to work on them bad teeth.

So I was goin to just Man-Up and push through it.

Well, 3 nights ago my chest, feelin lots of aching pressure and left shoulder were hurting pretty bad. Becky and Yurgen were over and they insisted that I go get it checked out. I said okay, she wanted to drive my truck I said no, just follow me.

We started towards the hospital, and maybe the realization that this just possibility be a heart attack started to wash over me and the pain got really bad and I started to sweat, got a lil light headed, pulled over and had Becky drive.

Didn’t feel I was gonna make it, you know that “Impending Doom” sensation.

Becky put on the 4 way warning lights and was driving my truck like it was an daggum ambulance, I kept telling her to slow down, she just said “I can’t!”

Pulled into the fire station and the paramedics started to work on me, neither one of them could get an IV established, I took the needle and put it in my own damn vein, then he blew it by moving it around and through the backside of the vein, they called for an ambulance and got me to the Emergency Room where they pounced all over me.

Pain was still pretty significant as they had not got an IV line in, the 2 nitro pills under the tongue did not help.

It was not until they finally got a line established and they started a Nitro drip before I felt relief.

My new cardiologist Dr. Brian Dockery introduced himself and this dude I liked! His style was very reassuring, even advocating on my part by telling everyone else in the room that I was a nurse and to listen to me when I told then something.

He spent quite a bit a time with Natalie & Becky as they gave him my history, dude looked at me and just kinda shook his head, smiled and said he was cool with what we were doin,

Felt very blessed to have him as my doctor
He took me to the Cath Lab where they did an Arteriogram

12042814_10207654281384195_1625796584370676696_nOn my way to Cath Lab

going through my right groin, his examination revealed a 100%
Blockage of my Circumflex Artery ~~~

now the neat things about this was, all my labs showed all my cholesterol  good and bad, lab results were all great!

In my heart I had 3 different small deposits of plague which he called mild, but on the one in question, it had a very small lil flap on the edge of the plague ~~~

What happened was my immune system kicked in big time! My platelets responded by covering it (The flap) with gobs of platelets, this is what was blocking my artery, what would happen, the pile would break, and I would be fine, but when they blocked it up again, that’s when I would get the attacks.

My labs said I had been having this cardiac event for several days.
So by thinning my blood, he said he did not have to go in and do open heart surgery to get rid of the plague if it had been caused by plague.

He placed a Cardiac Stent in place


12043174_10207658338885630_5781105500927467010_nResting after Cath Lab

Stent Placement Video_11_2015

So I am now home rehab’in ~~~ he was confident it had nothing to do with Jerry, and that he was most impressed that my immune system was so “Active” as he put it, which is the silver lining, cuz it helps me believe that my immune system is working very hard.

Again thank you for all the prayers and well wishes, they are so encouraging and uplifting.

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