September 3, 2014 ~ We be goin to Jackson, Mississippi

Jennie got a contract to judge at the Gaited Horse/Mule portion of The Great State of  Mississippi’s State Fair.

It was to be a 500 mile one -way trip, she judged 9 classes and then we were free, So while she was doin her thang, I went exploring.

The first place was to hit an exhibit that just opened called;


Mississippi  Freedom Summer of 1964

photo 1

Very interesting exhibits because I was 14 years old at this time, I remember all of this, I remember the talks all around town, from within our close community to those outside unashamed to say what they felt.

Just up the road in Philadelphia, some may remember the saga of the three Freedom Workers

photo 3 photo 2

I found a sense of real connection with the times, the people, the movement and the Lord.

I then told the curator that I would like to go by and see Medgar’s Ever’s Home , she gave me a number and address, I drove over to the place and called the number, it belonged to a very neat lady who was a professor over at Tupelo University and she gives guided private tours of the home. Made an appointment for 10 am the next morning.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 6photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10

Above the state placard, the driveway where he drove in at midnight and was getting a box of t-shirts out of the back of the trunk that said “Jim Crow Must Go!” when he was struck by a 30.06 through his shoulder that exited out of his chest. Man1 the little details that she shared that the main stream  public don’t know.

The photos on the carport are of what things looked back in those days, it was not a fully developed community, his home was the only home in the subdivision that had the main entrance off to the side in the carport, he did not want an entrance that opened onto the main street. There’s a picture where the bullet went through him, through the living room window bounced off the refrigerator, hit a watermelon on the counter and it was found underneath the split watermelon.

Here’s his kitchen, Living room where I sat and talked for a great deal of time to Ms. Minnie. It was for me a very good day.

The next door neighbor across the carport heard the shots and came outside and shot 3 shots in the air with his pistol to scare them off, which it did. they helped Medgar in the house where they then loaded him in the station wagon and took him to the hospital where you know who he met.

Jim Crow

As I said there were s much more she shared, I won’t bore ya with it. I still must go back there to jackson and do more exploring….


We left there to drive the 40 something miles to The Civil War Battlefield of Vicksburg, MS.

It was a rainy in climate day didn’t get any pictures except The USS Cairo, an ironclad to was raised and restored that had been sunk by what was then called the first toredo detonated remotely.

USS Cairo

We had a very good time together, we talked about our family, have almost all of them home and we miss the other two terribly. But the house has a strange aura of “Nestiness” goin on with all three of the girls being pregnant.

We now wait for our Radiology consult to come up I suspect next week

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