February 26, 2014 ~There’s No Place Like Home

I called the Nashville VA on Tuesday morning, got the same Sheila lady and asked her when my reschedule was, she asked me “Are you the fella that was all upset last Friday?” I said “yes, I am” she fumbled around and came back and said “We can get you in in April” I said “that will not do, the window for the injections are 3 weeks after the 3 month period” She said “Well, that’s the best I can do”

Grrrr! I said “Well, I’m gonna need to go upstairs then,” She said “Well, that’s your prerogative”

I called the Patient Advocate and got a recording which said they would get back to me within 72 hours ~~~ Grrrr!

Went up one more step in the chain of command

After I talked to the Chief of Surgical Services Assistant, she said she was sorry for the encounter I had and that it was not what they strive for in treating and caring for their Veterans and she would let the Chief Dr. David Baker know about the problem and get back to me the next morning~~~~I told her that I had a audiology appointment scheduled for Wednesday February 26,2014 at my Murfreesboro VA, I said I would try to do a walk-in to the Urology Clinic and try to get my second round of Eligard there.

I was fitted with a new hearing aid, actually 2, instead of just trying to amplify the one ear, they had a new system of putting on 2 aids that work off of WiFi and talk to each other and balance out BOTH ears instead of just the one ~~~~~ making the strong ear quieter and the bad ear louder

It came with a remote control that I could manipulate my surrounding, and even mute the thing. VERY COOL!

So far I am loving it, I can hear pretty good which has been 36 years of managing on just one good ear. I could actually hear my voice, driving home I could hear the wind leaks in my car, I rubbed my hand through my hair and could hear my hair!

I could hear people talking across the room. I am pretty excited bout this.

I went upstairs and told Sam Hagan LPN my situation, he told me Dr. Mobley was in surgery, I said okay, I’ll go back to Nashville and fuss with them. I did not want to use the option of going to the Emergency Room, because that is not what they are set up to so, they would serve me and get me my shot, but being an ER RN to me that was abusing the system and the way it is suppose to work. But I would if it meant for me to get my shot I would do it.

Sam told me to hold on and they would contact Dr. Mobley in the OR. I waited about 15 minutes and they said to hang around he would see me in a couple of hours.

that was more than fine for me ~~~ Went out to the car and did some crossword puzzles and they called and said “The doctor will see you now!”

I got my shot, drew some blood to see how we had done for the first 3 months and I am nervously waiting on that report ~~~

There’s something about the place you call Home, the place where they all know your name and treat you as family ~~~ THAT is my Murfreesboro Urology Clinic.

In our conversation Doc asked me if I had filed for my Prostate Cancer Compensation? I said “yeah,” he said that makes you 100% disabled, I said “then that means I can get ophthalmology Service (Glasses) he said “yep!”

Whoo Hoo!

So I drove back to Cookeville and stopped in at my local VA Health Clinic to make an appt with my Primary Dr. Seitzinger.

They are swamped as they lost some healthcare providers and they were trying to keep up with 2 doing the work of 4, so they would not be able to see me until after May or so.

I am having a real hard time getting in. ~~~~ I left, feeling well, there are guys needing more help than me wanting to get glasses. About 6pm Dr. S called me, I had heard he had some misfortune in his family when I was there, and he told me his mother-in-law had passed away the night before, I offered my condolences and said you need to go take care of your family ~~~ he thanked me and said “Let me take care of you before I do that”  He asked after how it was going for me and I told him what had happened, he said no problem he would put in the consult to ophthalmology for me and would see me when I could get in.

I am a blessed man, and God has so blessed me with people that sincerely care for me. I daily count my blessings and thank Him for them all, both great and small and try to spread it around.

Laboratory results should be up in a couple of days

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